>New Furniture … Drool.

>So we live in a house with a gargantuan living room. I love the space, but our single couch and chair are not cutting it anymore. Just this weekend, my mother-in-law and her boyfriend came over to visit, and we simply didn’t have enough seating for everyone. So off to Become I go to lust over some new furniture!

First, I browsed through their sectionals. I really would love a sectional, in that it doesn’t take up the space of a couch AND a loveseat, but you get the extra seating! I love the modern look that they have, and you just can’t go wrong with a modern, sleek sectional, if you ask me! Throw in a functional lift top coffee table, and you’re set to go! Another major bummer about our 1960s house is that there is one…count it, ONE light fixture in the corner. For a huge space! Evidently, lamps were the go-to lighting fixture back then, which is okay with me as long as I can have ones as cute as these Candice Olson designs! Love ’em.

Then I found what would take a lot of convincing for the hubby, but I would LOVE more than anything. I’ve got a bold decorating taste, and found this zebra print wallpaper. C’mon…how adorable would a nursery be with pink accents and a wall of zebra? Very diva!

What is your dream living room like? Modern? French country? Oversized and comfy?


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    >Hey I love the Zebra wall paper with pink for a girls room! :)My dream living room would be made of modern design, but it would have to be comfy! But I am kind of glad we have had me down couches and chairs right now since the kids seem to get them so dirty! Once the kids get a little older we will look into getting some new furniture.

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