>Expanding Our House by Two Feet

>With my due date quickly (and slowly at the same time) approaching, I’ve been having such a mixed bag of feelings. I’m thrilled to meet my newest little bundle, but I can’t help but wonder what life will be like once we become a family of five. Of course it means things like never sleeping again, paying for two weddings instead of just one, and never being able to fit into a normal sized booth at a restaurant. But it also means Emma will have a sister, and Micah will be a big brother. My husband and I will get to watch him be a leader, protector, and best friend to “his” girls. I’m exhausted just thinking about the months (year +?) of breast feeding, but I also get to experience the bond of nursing my little princess.

I was terrified when I brought home my son from the hospital. Two?! I was managing one just fine, but now I am responsible for TWO?! I would ask moms, “How do you do it?”, and they would give me tips and tricks that we’ve all heard before. But once we were all home from the hospital as a family of four, I learned that though the advice of other moms is valuable, for sure, nothing will compare to your maternal instinct.

So how will I do it with three? Easy. Just do it.

How did you prepare for a new baby? What is one piece of advice that you truly valued?


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    >Congrats to you and your family!We only have one baby. But our doctor said "Remember, the baby is moving in with you. You are not moving in with the baby."I took this advice to heart, and quickly got The Boy on our schedule so we weren't up at all hours of the night. It worked! And, nearly two years later, I still keep this piece of advice in my mind and apply it regularly.Best,Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

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    >Thanks for the congrats, Emily! What your doctor said is so true. I'll definitely keep that in mind! Kelly, that is a fantastic thing to live by. No one is immune to "mom guilt", but I know I'm too hard on myself sometimes!

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