>Freshly Picked – Purex Complete with Zout Edition


Congratulations to my two winners of the Purex Complete with Zout giveaway: Erica C. and Sarah! You both just won a full bottle of Purex Complete with Zout laundry detergent. Awesome! 
I will be emailing both of you shortly to let you know that You’ve Been Picked by Freckleberry Finds!
Don’t forget about all of my current giveaways that are running right now. I’ve got a lot of fantastic stuff up for grabs! 

The Laundry Tarts Eco-Friendly Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent 4/14

Also, I am so very excited about Giveaway May! I’ll be making a post about it later in the week to fill you guys in on just how awesome it’s gonna be! If you’re a retailer or Etsy owner and want to be a part of this review and giveaway event, it’s not too late! There’s still a few spots open. Send me an email and I’ll get you more information about the event.

Happy blogging, entering, and beyond!  

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