>PxlCafe Digital Scrapbook Review + Giveaway

>So with my recent blog redesign (doesn’t it look great?!), I spent HOURS combing the internet for cute digital graphics that were just right. It was harder than I thought! Thankfully, my designer worked her magic and I got just what I wanted, but I can’t imagine going at it alone.

Then, I heard about PxlCafe.com. Not only do they have incredible graphics, word art, papers, and elements, but they have full fledged Digital Scrapbooking Kits to help you make gorgeous scrapbook pages! What I loved about the kits was how they simply provided you with all the right materials to create what YOU envision. You pick the background. You decide where the photo will go. You enter text where you want it. They don’t limit your imagination—they enhance it! Not only can you use it for personal use, but they also have options for commercial use! So bloggers and business owners, take note! I had the chance to play with the Butterfly Kisses kit as well as the Oh Baby – Girl kit. They are to-die-for adorable! Check out some beautiful designs that people just like you and I have made using the kits from PxlCafe.com:
(Click Images for full size)
Are you kidding me?! Those are amazing! And what’s really neat is that you can use this with whichever photo editing software you prefer, like Photoshop Elements. I’m telling you, I can’t get enough of their cute graphics and kits:
Look at all of the stuff you get in a Kit!
Want in on the digital scrapbooking love? PxlCafe.com has generously offered TWO Freckleberry Finds readers TWO Digital Kits of their choosing! 

Mandatory Entry:
Visit PxlCafe.com and let me know what product you’d love to try!

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The Fine Print

This giveaway ends April 15, 2011 at 11:59 PM CST. Any entries submitted after the contest ends will be deleted. Random.org will choose the winner, and I will announce the winner on my blog on April 16, 2011. I will email the winner as well. If chosen, you have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. This contest is open WORLDWIDE.
Make sure that you leave an additional comment for each additional entry! For example, if you tweeted twice today, make sure you comment back here two separate times with the two separate links.
*Disclosure: The review above is my own words and honest opinion. I received a product in order to complete my review. PxlCafe.com will coordinate with the winner for their prize. By entering this contest, you release Freckleberry Finds of any liability.


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