Aqueduck Faucet Extender Review + Giveaway

Kids touch some yucky stuff. Boogers, dirt, germy toys, and pretty much anything they’re not supposed to touch. With dirty hands like that, hand washing is absolutely necessary, especially once the accident-prone world of potty training begins. I don’t know about you, but picking my kids up to wash their hands gets quite old, and I am not a fan of the space a step stool takes up in my already cramped bathroom. I figured I was doomed to either deal with the bulk of a stool or resolve to start lifting dumbbells in order to build enough muscle to lift my chunkers up to wash their hands.

Fear not, Aqueduck is here! Why didn’t I think of this product? The concept is simple. Don’t bring your kids to the water, bring the water to the kids! Aqueduck is a simple faucet extender that creates a little waterfall that lets your kids reach the stream of water. How smart is that?!

I love that the Aqueduck is so portable, too. If I wanted, I could easily slide it off of the bathroom faucet and bring it with me on vacation or move it to a different sink. It’s such a clever product, and it just makes so much sense! I’ve gotten rid of the step stool in our bathroom and now we just use the Aqueduck. My 2 year old can easily wash his own hands! The sense of independence this gives him is so awesome. He loves that he’s a big boy when it comes to bathroom trips!

You can purchase an Aqueduck from Peachy Co. for $12.99 in either pink or blue!

Peachy Co. has generously offered one Aqueduck to a lucky Freckleberry Finds reader!

I’m going to use Rafflecopter for the entry method for this giveaway instead of the traditional comments. It’s a new program, so please leave me some feedback in the comments! Do you love it? Hate it? Have ideas to make it better? Let me know with a comment!

Good luck!


  1. Janet W. says

    I find this method very confusing. It has two sets of entries. I see everything up top, then I scroll down and see it listed all over again. Do I have to enter it all again??

    • ashley says

      Janet, I don’t know what you may be seeing. There are two portions of entries, for lack of better words. The first “How to Enter” has all entries that are done only once, and the second “How to Enter” with the Tweet and Picket Fence vote can be done daily, so they’re set aside to make it easier to find it each day.

      I will fix your entries for you :). If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I want you to be able to enter giveaways as easily as possible. That’s the hope with using Rafflecopter.


      • Janet W. says

        Did it show that I entered everything twice?

        Basically what I see is the “how to enter” that are done once and the “how to enter” with the daily stuff and the terms and conditions….. then I see all those things listed again underneath the first section of terms & conditions. Does that make any sense? Hard to describe in words. :)

        I entered in both areas – so I hope I didn’t duplicate myself. I’ve seen other blogs with this entry method have it listed twice as well. Maybe it’s something weird with my computer.

  2. meredith c says

    Not a fan of new entry system.. are my entries supposd to show right away?? Cuz I don’t see them even.tho all the entries say done?

    • ashley says

      Hi Meredith!

      It shows that your entries are logged and entered :). Maybe hit refresh? They may not show instantly, but when it says “done!” your entry is accounted for.


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