Meet Cara – Contributing Reviewer

Hey Freckleberry Families! I’m Cara, a new contributing blogger and reviewer! I’m just one piece to the puzzle of my funny, weird, and lovable little family of three. We live in the heart of Lawrence, Kansas, a town with just the right mix of small-town vibe, college campus excitement, crunch, and midwestern charm! It is a little place unlike, well, anywhere else in Kansas– not that I’m partial or anything!

I have the luxury of being a part-time working mom, and a part-time stay at home mom. It really is the best, and worst, of both worlds. When I am not working at my ‘real’ job or my mom-job, I’m putting in lots of time with my non-profit outreach group. Kaw Valley Cloth Diaper Project works to put cloth diaper stashes in the hands of local families in need, along with providing free education and home counseling to help families make cloth diapers work for them. We struggled with finances and with adjusting our lifestyle to meet the needs of a baby- so it is nice to be helping families, especially when I was in that boat not all that long ago! I also love spending time with my family (obviously, right?), college basketball, yoga, reading, going to shows, and having mom & daughter sleepovers with my friends and their kids.

My wild child, Atticus, is just about two years old. Can you hear her tantrums, yet? Really though, she is a great kid with LOTS of spirit and ZERO fear. She is a tough, independent little girl who could live outdoors. She loves wrestling with her dad, running around like a wild woman, and telling everyone about everything. I always joke that she will be that kid who constantly says whatever comes to mind, “Where are the pencils. I’m drawing a tree. Lets go outside and see trees. Trees grow from the ground. The sun is outside. It is yellow. I like yellow. Hot dogs.” You get the idea…

My other half, Cameron, operates one of Lawrence’s best music venues. Basically, this means that he is overworked and underpaid but gets to live & breathe music, a love that we all share. Even with his hectic schedule, he is a phenomenal father. He’s also the oldest of 12 siblings… yep, 12! So not only does he have crazy amounts of experience, he also has enough patience to help me through the stages that I struggle with. I am lucky to have such a hardworking guy on my side!

So that is us, in a nutshell. We’re a busy bunch, but we have SO much fun and a lot of love to spread around. I am so excited to be contributing to Freckleberry Finds and can’t wait to share some really exciting products and ideas with all of you very soon! :)

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