Pinkalicious Prize Pack Review + Giveaway

I am tickled pink about this new review and giveaway! I love finding new books for my kids to read. It’s even better when I like the books, too! Recently, my 4 year old developed an obsession with unicorns. She asked my mom to find her a book about unicorns, so my mom (known as Meme to my kids) went off in search of this elusive unicorn book. Well lo and behold, she found one! A few days later, the book Goldilicious arrived in our mailbox. Goldilicious is a “roller-skating, kite-flying, high-jumping unicorn who will protect Pinkalicious from the evil wizardry of her little brother, Peter.” I loved this book, and so did my kids! It inspired my daughters imagination, and she loves to make believe she has a pet unicorn now.








Come to find out, Goldilicious is part of a pinktastic book series starring Pinkalicious, an adventurous little girl who loves to explore, imagine, and play! We scooped up all of the Pinkalicious books we could find and fell in love. And it wasn’t just my daughter who was captivated by Pinkalicious —  my 2 year old little boy loves her, too!

The Pinkalicious line doesn’t end with just books, either! Pink was kind enough to send me a Pinkalicious Cupcake Party Game to review! Here’s a little bit about it:

Pink, Pink, Pink…More than anything, Pinkalicious loves the color pink, especially pink cupcakes. Inspired by the New York Times best-selling book series, Pinkalicious, players work together to collect cupcakes and fill the tray by performing activities from four different categories: charades, dancing, drawing and rhyming.  Players roll the die and draw a card from the corresponding category pile, then perform the challenge shown on their card. When the cupcake tray is full, it’s time for a party!

Let me tell you, my kids had a BLAST playing this game! It was easy for them to understand, and they were so excited to fill up their cupcake tray! My daughter loved the drawing cards the best. It is so awesome to watch their imaginations at work!

I also received a Goldilicious stuffed toy. My daughter and Goldie are inseparable. If I thought her unicorn obsession was intense before, now it’s in overdrive! Goldie comes with us everywhere, and that’s okay with me! She’s darn cute!

You can purchase the Pinkalicious books, toys, games, and more at the Pinkalicious website, along with many retail stores (I’ve seen them at my local Wal-Mart!).

Want to win a pinktastic Pinkalicious prize pack worth $40? Let me tell you a little bit about what one lucky reader will win!

Included in the Pinkalicious Prize Pack is the Pinkalicious 3-in-1 Classic Card Game,  which is a Pinkalicious take on three classic card games!  Featuring iconic imagery from the New York Times best-selling book series, Pinkalicious games include: Pinkalicious (Crazy 8’s), Purplicious (Old Maid) and Goldilicious (Bingo) with added game play twists.

Also included in the prize pack is the Pinkalicious Cupcake Party Game. I can’t tell you how much fun we had with this game! I’m sure your little Pinkerellas will love it, too!

And last but not least, a Purplicious doll to round out the prize pack!

Now if that’s not a Pinktastic prize pack, I don’t know what is! Ready to enter?

Good luck, Freckleberries!


  1. Vashti M says

    Wow I LOVE this way of entering-BRILLIANT.
    I forgot to add in my first entry my gfc name-MamaHunfy

    Vashti McMurray

  2. says

    I just have to tell you your entry method/form for your giveaways is by far the best I have ever seen on any of the giveaway/review blogs! Very impressive!

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