The Original Woombie Review + Giveaway

So it turns out Maisy, my one month old, is a screamer. She nurses about 90% of the time, and has a bottle of formula in the evenings (and she has only eaten the two ounce bottle in its entirety once!). I’m currently on a quest to silence the screams, and regain my sanity. My house looks like a bomb went off because all I do is hold her and sway from side to side. She’ll catnap in her carrier, but not for long! My go-to has been a tight swaddle and love.

If you’ve ever been in the throes of newborn screamapalooza like me, you know how important it is to have a great swaddler. With my first, I prided myself on using receiving blankets to swaddle her, as if I earned some sort of old-school mom award or something. What was I thinking?! Why mess with the loose swaddles that the baby ALWAYS busts out of when you can use something easier and more  Mom’s-half-asleep-while-she-swaddles-the-baby friendly?!

Enter Woombie! This is such a smart product that can give you a more peaceful nights sleep. From the Woombie website:

Swaddle your baby Safely and Effectively with The Woombie … designed to ease your mind and comfort your baby so you may both achieve a better nights sleep. The Woombie is the safest & most NATURAL way to Swaddle your baby, encouraging baby to softly stretch extremities as needed, just like in the womb. The Woombie comforts, softly confines arms & gently compresses baby’s unique curves to hug baby… preventing Startling issues, face scratching, overheating and also preventing dangerous loose unraveled blankets from covering baby’s face.

  • Swaddles baby, preventing startle reflex & overheating
  • Promotes & enhances motor development by allowing baby to stretch
  • Prevents face scratching & keeps “busy” hands away from face & pacifier & overheating
  • No loose blankets to ride up and cause potential suffocation
  • Easy to use ( IN/OUT ) & encourages back sleeping
  • No more worry of blankets unraveling which can lead to potential blanket suffocation
  • No face scratching or Startle Reflex to awaken baby.
  • See a marked improvement in Colic symptoms.
  • Effective swaddling without the need to tightly restrain baby, which can interfere with important Motor Skill development and even cause developmental hip dysplasia.
  • Prevents overheating (which has been linked to SIDS) due to over-wrapping.

I received another great Woombie product to review — The Donut! I had never seen a product like this before, and let me tell you, it is easily our most-used baby product to date. When Maisy is lucky enough to catch some zzz’s, she’s always in her Donut! We have a king size bed, and it fits perfectly in between my husband and I. This is perfect for our night time feedings. I can easily access baby, and she has her own defined sleep space.

The Donut is also fabulous for travel! There is a zipper that runs the entire perimeter of the Donut so that it zips completely, making it a travel friendly bed that can double as a little bit of extra storage for swaddlers, burp cloths, etc. You can easily move baby from room to room with you, and it even has a non-slip surface on the bottom so that the Donut stays where you put it. My 2 year old loves it, too! He tries to sneak a nap in on the Donut, too. It’s such a soft minky fabric, he just can’t resist! You can even wash it in your front loader. Perfect!

Want to win The Original Woombie Swaddler, a $27 value? Of course you do!


  1. Mandy S says

    I’m super excited about this givewaway!! Thanks for making entry so simple!! I’m happy to have your button on my blog!

  2. AmyH says

    SO I checked out the donut on Woombie’s website and it says it can be used up at 36 monhts! Do you think a 2 year old would comfortably fit in it? We’re going on vacation and have a king bed there, and we’re thinking Mr. B would prefer to sleep with us in a strange place. However, he really needs defined sleep boundaries so no one ends up kicked in the eye :) Let me know how you’d review it for a toddler!

    Thanks :)


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