The Triberr Has Spoken!

Have you heard about that new thing going around? You know, Triberr. Oh, you haven’t? Well, pull up a chair my friend, and get a crash course in triberring!

So you blog, right? Awesome, me too! You know what would be really cool? If a bunch of other blogs would tweet about my new blog post that I just made. I’d TOTALLY tweet their new blog posts in return! If only someone made this simple…

Ta daaa! Triberr! Awesome, right? I’m a member of a tribe (Skyrocket) that has a reach of nearly 30,000 people! Seriously! So each time I make a blog post, 30,000 tweeters have the potential to see a tweet directing them to my post.¬†Unbelievable, I know. Well, believe it! And what’s even more awesome is that I don’t have to do a thing. When I signed up, I just plugged in my RSS feed and away I went. It’s really important to get the right feed address so that your posts get tweeted correctly, but that’s not too tough.

So what do you think, are you in? Triberr is invite only, but since I love you all to bits, I want you in my tribe! Comment on this post with your email address (email at whoever dot com) and I’ll zap you an invitation. Hooray for networking!


  1. says

    Hi Ashley,

    I really love this post. Short and sweet and to the point. Thnx for writing about Triberr, if you have ideas for improvement, want to say hi, or just keep in touch, you can always drop me a note on twitter @dino_dogan or @triberr We are always listening :-)

  2. says

    I would like an invite if possible. I am not sure if I have enough followers to be in one though. wiseowldesignsinc at gmail dot com.

    • ashley says

      Hey Liz! Of course you can do it! That’s what’s awesome about triberr…it’ll help all of us grow! Invite has been sent :)

  3. says

    I’d love an invite, if you don’t mind!
    nmetolen at gmail dot com
    I’m prettynameless on twitter, if you need that for anything.


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