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Hi there, fellow Freckleberry Finds fans and friends! My name is Alena, and I am beyond excited to announce that I am one of the new contributing reviewers on this fantastic blog!! I have been blogging off and on since 2003, but I finally found my bloggy love ten months ago and now post regularly at Little Bit Of Wonderful, a blog full of life, love, family, and photography!

"Reminisce" ~ Alena Belleque 2011

Unlike the other fine ladies who review here, I am not yet a mother. But I am a doting aunt to two adorable little munchkins ~ Cinda (almost 2) & Nico (5months) ~ and a puppy-mama to Butters, my adorable (and HUGE) Chihuahua mixed breed puppy! I have been married to my amazing husband and best friend, Nick, for four years, and we hope to add a bouncing baby to our family soon, or at least another bouncing puppy *wink*

"Bliss" ~ Alena Belleque 2011

The economic crash hit my family hard, and my husband is currently seeking employment. But that doesn’t keep him from working hard! Nick comes from a long tradition of child evangelism and missions, and even though we are not missionaries ourselves, he volunteers with his sister and her husband in their ministry. Nick is a very talented puppeteer (think Muppets) and balloon artist, and children love seeing him perform! I am very proud of my talented sweety *kissyface*

"Confidence" ~ Alena Belleque 2011

I am a natural light portrait photographer, currently serving time at a commercial studio until I am ready to set up shop independently. I am a lover of all things crafty and artistic, and dabble in many disciplines, including scrapbooking (after all, it flows naturally from photography). I love to cook new and unusual things, and love even more to feed my friends and family with flare! I am also a musician, classically and operatically trained in vocal performance, but I don’t really do much with that at this point in my life (unless you count serenading the fireflies on my way home from work every day). If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’m all about the artsy-ness of life; I’m even returning to school this fall (eek!) to finish my degree in fine arts, emphasis in photography and digital design!

One more thing about me, before I go. Every blogger has her niche, even if it’s “life in general” at times. Mine falls into two cataegories, for the most part: 1. Artistic expression through home design and art photography, and 2. Research, support, and life experience as a woman with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Hypothyroidism, and Infertility resulting from these hormone disorders. I also write about “going green” and dealing with crazy people and puppy antics, but after four years of dealing with debilitating physical and emotional issues, I am very devoted to learning and sharing all I can to aid in the fight for better research and care for women suffering from these conditions. You could say its a passion *smiles*

"Mr. Butters" ~ Alena Belleque 2011

So, I’ve managed to write the longest introduction EVER, and I probably run the fewest directions at once out of all the ladies who write for this blog. Lol, story of my life, I’m a Chatty Kathy, what can I say? *facepalm* Anywho, when I’m not running after little kids at the studio, playing with my neiceling or cuddling my nephew, wrestling my puppy, blogging and scrapbooking, or hanging out with my super-cool hubby, I can usually be found with my nose stuck in a book (any book, really, but my favorites are historical fiction and anything by Jeffery Deaver) or surfing the web looking for more design inspiration.

Thank you for reading (those of you who didn’t get bored and move on to the awesome giveaways, lol) and letting me introduce myself. I can’t wait to get to know you all better, and I hope you’ll stop by my blog or shoot me a message and say hi!

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