Baby Nursery Ideas // Where to start?!

Little Maisy is still in our room at 2 months, and that’s a-okay with me. But there will come a time when we need to set up a baby nursery for her! I am so excited to do this since I never got to with my son. We were apartment dwellers, and we were pretty limited as to what we could do for his room. What makes this even trickier is that Maisy will share a room with Emma, her big sister. So it needs to be appropriate for both baby and preschooler! I needed a collaborative site that gave me ideas, pictures, and pointed me in the right direction.

I found out about Unique Baby Gear Ideas¬†and was instantly excited! This site has decor, bedding sets, decor, theme ideas, and pictures to get your creative juices flowing. My favorite nursery is this one — too bad it’s for a little boy!

I love love love the modern take on the mobile! This is just the thing I needed. I want to make her nursery as modern as possible with clean lines, sleek designs, and a really streamlined feel.

They also have fabrics, lamps, stencils — and even gifts! Clothes, gift baskets, you name it. Here’s another beautiful nursery to inspire you:

Look at that mural! That is absolutely stunning. The cherry blossom just makers the nursery feel so light, airy, and whimsical. I love that crib, too! Solid looking without being bulky. It goes with the painting so well, and compliments the bedding as well.

When the time comes for us to do a room makeover and get the girls’ room up and running, I’ll definitely be visiting Unique Baby Gear Ideas to get my inspiration. Not in the nursery stage? They’ve got baby shower ideas, gear information, and more!


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    That is a gorgeous mural! One of these days I’m going to have a pretty mural on our playroom wall. I think it brings so much personality to a room!

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