Explore Etsy Linky

Welcome to this weeks Explore Etsy linky! Today’s featured seller is Andralynn Creative Designs!

Andralynn makes the most adorable art for kids!

What do you sell in your Etsy store?
Original storybook style art.

How long have you been crafting and making handmade goodies?
I’ve been painting since I was old enough to get into trouble. I use canvas now, but when I first started, one of my favorite places to express my creativity was the wall in my bedroom. My poor mother.

What is your main inspiration when making your wares?
I am a storyteller. For years, I’ve been telling stories about adventure, fun, and silliness to my nieces, nephews and children. Every painting has a little piece of one of these stories to go with it.

Show us your favorite listing that you currently have in your Etsy store.

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