HABA Rainbow Whirls Peg Game Review

I think I can pretty much speak for all parents of the universe when I say I hate noisy toys. There’s just something so grating about cheery sing-songy toys that just go on and on and on and your kids just LOVE to push the same button over and over and over …

Agree? Yeah. Annoying.

When I found out about HABA, I literally wanted to buy everything in their catalog. They make incredibly cute toys that are creativity driven. No batteries required. A lot of their toys are wooden, and that means they’ll last forever.

If you’re in the market for some high-quality toys that are just darn cute, you’ve got to head to Maukilo! From their website:

Maukilo is the leading supplier of quality, timeless toys and gifts. We provide innovative, safe and eco-friendly playthings for all ages. From infant toys to kids toys, they’re fun, educational and last a lifetime.

Inspired by European toys and owned and operated by the German based HABA, we’re your best source for baby toys, building blocks (from our wooden toys collection), educational toddler toys and everything in between. With Maukilo you Buy Once, Play Forever.

I received the Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game to review. The instant that I opened up the box, my kids were in love. At first Emma asked, “What does it do?” to which I replied, “Nothing. YOU get to decide what it does!” Her eyes widened and off she went. She stacked, rearranged, matched, switched, and moved those pegs and rings for a good hour.

She pretended the circles were rings, eye glasses, and telescopes. Micah counted (up to twelve, thankyouverymuch) the rings and organized them by color. And you know what I loved the most? They were using their imaginations. No annoying songs were blaring, and there were no buttons to push. Just beautiful, solid beech wood. Lovely! Check out these other cool toys by HABA:

Sidewinder Track, $32.84

Croo-ak Clutching Toy, $14.57

Aircraft Swing, $116.99

You can find Maukilo on Facebook and on Twitter.

I am definitely going to be visiting Maukilo again. They have fantastic toys that will make great additions to our stash, as well as gifts for friends!

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