Introducing SoMe Bloggers Network

I have been dyyyying to tell y’all about my latest project, and the time is coming closer for the launch! In collaboration with my dear friend Farrah as well as a fabulous blogger, Brandi of Life with 5 Monkies, SoMe Bloggers Network was born!

So what is SoMe? SoMe Bloggers connects bloggers and brands, specializing in targeted social media (“SoMe”) campaigns. We can’t wait to connect bloggers like you to fantastic brands! From review and giveaway campaigns to ad space, we have it all covered. Want to network with your fellow bloggers? Join our forums and swap ideas, posts, and tips. We strive to find the perfect campaign for you!

The official launch of SoMe Bloggers Network is set for August 1. We’re going to kick this baby off with a bang! The day will be filled with giveaways, chat, and just plain fun. Want to get in on the hottest blogging network to hit the scene? You can apply to be our our list of bloggers here. Interested in advertising on SoMe? We’ll be offering ad space, too! Want to be featured on SoMe as an author of an article? Let us know!

I am so incredibly excited to be a part of this new adventure! I’ll be posting more and more information as the launch party nears!

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