Introducing Stefany as a Contributing Author

Hello Freckleberry Finds readers!  My name is Stefany and I am very happy to announce that I am one of the new reviewers/contributing authors here.  I have been blogging since February of 2008 and what once was a means for me to vent, blogging is now a true passion of mine.  You can find me at ToBeThode where I talk about my family, share photos, host reviews and giveaways, and still vent from time to time.

I am a mom to many.  My husband has 3 children from a previous marriage and we have 2 children together.  Living with us is my 11 year old stepdaughter, Kenzie and our two children Johnny (age 5) and Joley (age 2-going-on-20).  In addition, I am expecting our third child in October; a little girl we are naming Jemma.  Besides our crazy children, we also provide a home to 3 rescue dogs, 3 rescue cats, fish, guinea pigs, and a chinchilla (we affectionately call them our mini-zoo).

My husband’s name is Mike and we have been married 7 years.  He works very hard to support our family so that I can stay home with the kids.  I am a registered nurse and have been since 2003 but have only been working part-time or not at all for the past 5 years.  While I do miss nursing, I enjoy spending time with my family more.  My eventual plans are to return to school and pursue an advanced practice degree.

When I am not blogging or taking care of my kids (is there any time after all that?!), I can be found reading on my Kindle, knitting, or playing around on my beloved computer, smartphone, or iPad.  I am very much looking forward to posting on Freckleberry Finds and getting to know you fabulous readers more!


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