Magic Collage Review & Giveaway

When I was a little girl, I loved to cut out pictures from my mom’s Sear’s catalog and make pretty collages. As an adult, I still like to do it! So when I received Magic Collage from PixelApp Studio, I was pretty darn excited to try it out.

Magic Collage is creative and fun way to turn your favorite pictures into beautiful art ~ and it’s super easy to use!

Butterfly ~ Magic Collage

Intrigued? Join me after the jump for more awesome pix and info on how YOU can win a copy of Magic Collage for yourself!

One of the best things about this software is that all the features are automatic! Check out these screen shots…

Screen Shot 1 ~ Magic Collage


Screen Shot 2 ~ Magic Collage


Screen Shot 3 ~ Magic Collage

Once you save (or Output) your new collage, you can either post it straight to the Internet, like I did here, or you can print it off for scrapping or wall art. You can also open the file in your photo editor (I use Adobe Photoshop Elements) and use your collage in digital scrap booking or to make other custom digital art. And for those of you who are a little more tech-savy, you can save the image in multiple formats (it saves automatically as a png file, but you can also save it as a psd file to open as an element in Photoshop), adjust the size and pixels in your editor, and change the orientation to any angle you want! Magic Collage is a user-intuitive software program that is super easy to use, produces beautiful collages in a variety of designs or through text, and is one of the very few products on the market that offers real time results preview!

So, ready to get your collage-ing on? Check it out!

You can buy Magic Collage for $26.95


Thanks to the fine folks at PixelApp Studio, I am pleased to announce that Freckleberry Finds will be giving away seven – that’s SEVEN – download codes for this awesome software! This giveaway is open to everyone; live in Kansas? You can win! Live in Nepal? You can win, too! Here’s how…


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