Phonics Easy Reader 1 iPhone App Review + Giveaway

I am sure we have all let our kids play on our phones to keep them entertained at one point or another.  Either to keep them quiet while waiting for food at the restaurant, driving in the car or maybe during a flight.

I occasionally let my daughter play on my iPhone, and  I am always looking for new and educational apps for her.

She absolutely loves books and stories, It doesn’t matter where and when, if someone reads her a book, she is all ears.

Which is why I was excited to try out  Phonics Easy Reader 1 HD by Rock ‘N Learn, Inc.

I am a very visual person and I really liked what I saw. I loved the bright colors and cute pictures.

This app will provide practice using the short vowel sounds, consonant-vowel-consonant combinations, words ending with ll, ss, ff, s, and plural s.

When you first click on the app, you get this page. There are three stories to choose from:

Once you select a story, you have two options:

1) read to me

2) let me try

If you select the read to me option, the words are highlighted so the child can read along, the pages turn by themselves. You can also pause the story at anytime by tapping the pause button.

What I liked best about the let me try option, is that if the child is having trouble with the word, they can tap the word to hear it, and after reading the short sentence by themselves, they can press the play button to hear the sentence to see if they read it correctly.

The Phonics Easy Reader 1 is also available for the I Pad, as well as other Easy reader apps. You can browse the selection here.

Want to win the Phonics Easy Reader APP for your i phone or i pad? Enter here:

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