Reviewers Retreat 2012 // I’m GOING!

Huuuuge news over here on the Freckleberry front! Last night, Double Duty Divas hosted a Twitter party to promote Reviewers Retreat 2012, the blog conference that they founded. There was some great conversation and of course, prizes! The grand prize was a FREE all-access pass to RevRet 2012. Guess who won?! ME! I know, right?! I’ve been itching to go to a conference, and now I’m going to one. I can’t believe it! I was literally jumping up and down in my kitchen hootin’ and hollerin’. My 2 month old looked at me like I was from another planet, and my husband thought I’d won a car or something.

You can find out more about Reviewers Retreat 2012 at their website. It’s going to be in Concord-Charlotte, North Carolina, June 3-5, and held at Great Wolf Lodge. I’d never heard of GWL until a few days ago, and MAN are they cool! They have a MASSIVE indoor water park at the resort! Get a load of this!

I am so excited to learn more about my industry, meet other reviewers, and get to finally meet some brands face to face. I can’t wait!


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