Rock ‘N Learn DVD Review + Giveaway & 25% OFF!

Emma, my 4 year old, is kind of experiencing the summer time blues. She misses her pre-school that she attends three mornings a week during the traditional school year, and though she’s still learning new things (“Mom, this number means this is recyclable!”), I can tell she’s yearning for some brain food.

When I found out about Rock ‘N Learn DVDs, I was instantly intrigued. They have a wide array of DVDs and learning tools for kiddos as young as 2!

I received the Letter Sounds DVD to review. I chose this one since Emma knows all of her letters, and is starting to piece them together into words. Learning the letter sounds is just the natural next step! This DVD is recommended for ages 4-7.

Here’s a bit about it from the Rock ‘N Learn website:

Cool music and fun games build excitement about learning to read. Letter Sounds covers the most common sound that each letter makes.Letter SoundsCD comes with a full-color illustrated book. Letter Sounds DVD with its “on-screen mouth” shows how to form each sound. By the end of these programs, students are combining letters to read words and even simple sentences.

Emma really got into it! She loves the game show-esque portion where you have to match the letter to the sound. Label it a game, and she’s all for it! As a mom, I liked the catchy tunes and repetition. The songs don’t drive me nuts (you know, when it’s on it’s fifth consecutive play), and both the kids and I could easily catch on to the sing-songy patterns in which they teach the letter sounds. Micah even started saying “aah” (the A sound) when the letter would appear on screen. Awesome! Here’s a little sample of what the DVD looks like:

Rock ‘N Learn also offers DVDs that teach foreign languages, Math, Phonics, Reading & Writing, Science & Social Studies, Test Taking Strategies, and more! You can browse products by age to see what would be perfect for your kiddo. They also offer audio CDs and workbooks to accompany their DVDs. So no matter what, you can totally use the Rock ‘N Learn system! I really love the DVD, and it’s going in our minivan’s DVD player for our 20 minute drive into town. You can purchase the Letter Sounds DVD for $19.99.

Rock ‘N Learn has offered my readers a special code that will get you 25% off at! Enter code JQ7711 at checkout. Thanks, Rock ‘N Learn!

Want to win a DVD or CD from Rock ‘N Learn? Yeah, you do!


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