Announcing the Freckleberry Finds Sell & Swap Marketplace

I am so excited to announce a new feature on Freckleberry Finds! Do you have kids stuff that you’d like to unload? What about cloth diapers? Household goods? Do you have services you’d like to trade? Now you can connect with the nearly 5,000 other monthly visitors of Freckleberry Finds and swap your stuff!

Joining is so super easy. Just go to the Marketplace┬átab here on the Freckleberry Finds site. Join by connecting your Facebook page, and you’re set! You can post items that you have for sale or trade immediately. I already have a cloth diaper lot up in the forum so you can see what your post will look like. To post, just click the forum tab and create your listing. It’s that simple!

Join Find It On Freckleberry today! You never know what you’ll find ;).


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