How rear-facing can save your kid’s life

I am guilty of not utilizing the high rear-facing weight limits that my kids’ car seats have. Micah’s car seat rear faces up to 35 pounds, leaving plenty of growing room with him being only 28 pounds. I turned him around before I knew how important rear facing really is, and I regret it! Maisy will rear-face as long as I can possibly muster.

Do you have a little one you’re just itching to flip around? Watch this short video to see why you could save their life by keeping them rear facing as long as you possibly can.

How long did your kid rear-face?


  1. Jena says

    Our 22 lb. 8mo daughter’s just about to outgrow her seat (removeable+base) and the other seat we have, which we purchased before she was born, says it can/should face forward from 22 to 80 lb. I haven’t found anything on the side that says how long she can face backward in it. Isn’t the belt in the video awfully loose, though? When I strap my daughter in, I tighten it till I can just comfortably fit a finger between her and the belt.

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