Review: The $8 Cloth Diaper from eBay

Cloth diapers can save you mega cash as opposed to disposables, but the upfront cost is intimidating to some. At about $20 a pop, cloth diapers can be pricey.

So when I discovered Grape-Apple diapers on eBay for just $8 shipped, I had to try ’em out.

Here’s the run down:

Pros: Cute, inexpensive, fast 11 day shipping (considering it’s coming from China!), great quality

Cons: No hip snaps, no crossover snaps

I am so, so happy with this diaper. I purchased it expecting the worst, and I am pleasantly surprised. The diaper feels substantial, has gorgeous prints available, and overall is well worth the $8 I spent on it! Here is my video review so you can get a closer look (there’s a reason I am a blogger and not a videographer, so sorry for the stellar filming skills):

You can find Grape-Apple diapers on eBay, along with wetbags for $6.99!

I wasn’t compensated at all for this post…I just wanted to pass along the good deal to you guys! I’ve got reviews of Coolababy and Babyland eBay dipes coming soon, so stick around!


  1. Tiffany U says

    Thanks for the reviews cuz I have been wondering about those cheapie dipes from China. Let us know how it holds up after a couple months of washes etc.

  2. Jessica Berry says

    Thanks so much for posting this! We are only part time cd at this time, so ive been looking for some cheaper, but good diapers. Gonna give these a try!

  3. says

    WOW! I’ve never heard of those diapers before! And YES, those prints are SUPER cute! <3 We are a full time Cloth Diapering family ,and yes the start up cost is a bit scarey, but when you think about it in the long run, SO worth it! I did a Cost benefit analysis on our blog (aka, pros vs cons, and the total cost of Disposable vs Cloth diapers–including the expensive cloth diapers):

    I will definitely have to check out this brand even more! I'm totally crushing on that pink/brown/white diaper on the right, and baby girl's birthday is coming up soon!!

    If you don't mind pocket Diapers, I've heard nothing but PRAISE for Kawaii diapers too. And they are pretty close to the same price range. (I'm too lazy for pockets, although, from my experience they DO work very well.)

  4. Amy Mccarty says

    I only use ebay diapers for my whole stash and they compare pretty close to name brand diapers and have lasted me a long time. I love them and would never go back :)

  5. Mandy S says

    I purchased some Alvababy eBay diapers while I was pregnant (they come from Singapore and take about 4 weeks to arrive!) for about $5 each, shipped. They look identical to those shown in your video review, and in the Grape-Apple eBay store. Have been using them for 8 weeks, and they are holding up every bit as well as my BumGenius 4.0s. I’m happy to have them in my stash!

  6. Samantha A says

    Do they have a PUL lining? I was given one ebay diaper in cow print and it has NO water resistant layer to it so my son was soaked after his nap… I guess it was a pocket that needed a cover and I DON’T want any more like that!

  7. says

    I have bought many different brands of the pocket diapers on eBay and grape-apple has been the best quality so far. I have been using them for 5 months. The other ones are cheaply made. If I could take the grape-apple and alva- baby and smoosh them together, I’d have the perfect diaper! I just wish I discovered pocket diapers with my first child!

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