Safe Photo Sharing with Fotobounce

Between grandmas, aunts, friends, and other various family members, I share a ton of photos. With three kids, there are literally thousands and thousands of pictures floating around on my Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, etc. Pretty much any picture I’ve ever taken is online. I don’t have a concrete place to store them all, and even more terrible is the fact that I don’t have them backed up anywhere. If Facebook were to shut down my photo albums one day, I’d lose the only copies of my oldest daughter as an infant!

Thankfully, I’ve found this really awesome software called Fotobounce (Facebook // Twitter). You can download ad-supported Fotobounce for free ($49 for ad-free), and it is seriously the last piece of photo organizing software you’ll need. One of the best features of Fotobounce is how secure it is! Fotobounce “allows users to manage, store and share full resolution digital photographs securely between a private network of friends and family, referred to as “Bouncers”. This private network protects users from the increasing privacy concerns and uncertainty that comes with relying on internet storage services or social networking sites as this is software local to your computer.” Since most of my photos are of my kids, this is super important to me. It would break my heart if a photo of my littles ended up in the wrong hands. With Fotobounce, you can share your photo libraries with other Bouncers (Fotobounce users). You can send them an email along with a teaser photo (a little sample), so they know what they can expect when they open the library. With Fotobounce, security is if the utmost importance — all transmissions of photos and associated data are encrypted with 128-bit SSL so users can rest assured that no one can view their photos unless authorized to do so.

Another really awesome feature of Fotobounce is their facial recognition. Once you tell Fotobounce who someone is (by tagging them), you wont ever have to do it again — even if you upload your pics to Facebook or Flickr. No re-tagging! Fotobounce does it all for you, and the tags you’ve already made remain intact!

See my photos that I’ve uploaded at the bottom? You can easily toggle between them. You can also see how it’s tagged Maisy (ain’t she cute?).

Another feature that I think is totally cool is the fact that you can attach an entire album to a tweet! Fotobounce is the only software that lets you do this! This would be perfect when I’m trying to share a new set of photos with my tweeps ;). Fotobounce also has mobile apps so you can view your photos on the go on Andriod, Windows, Mac, and Linux with iPhone support coming soon.

Want to print the pictures? Fotobounce has teamed up with two great printers: LifePics (USA/Canada) and FirstPresent (Europe). If you have questions once you download Fotobounce, there’s tons of tutorials and an FAQ page for you to check out for help along the way.

Ready to download Fotobounce and give it a spin? Download Fotobounce here!

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