How to maintain your sanity while sending your kids back to school



Summer is winding down. We’re deflating kiddie pools, and sharpening pencils. My kids are still at the age where school is the neatest thing since sliced bread. Emma is going into her second year of Pre-K, and she couldn’t be happier! Last year, she attended school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This year, she’s movin’ on up and will be going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. She attends a local private school, and we just love her teacher!

She’s thrilled to see her friends, and (let’s face it) I’m thrilled to get her out of the house for a while. But back to school isn’t always easy! Here’s some tips so you don’t lose your mind during this transition.

Plan tomorrow’s tasks the night before.

I am so, so guilty of not doing this. But when I do, it makes my life a zillion times easier. Set aside 10 minutes each night to set out your kids outfits for the next day. And not just your student’s clothes! Everyone! You all have to get dressed, right? You can’t get out the door without pants on. That would be quite devastating, especially for my mom-of-three thighs. Pack your kiddos backpack. When I was a kid, I was notorious for not having signed papers or field trip forms. I am just forgetful! But if I purposefully pack up my backpack the night before, I’m less likely to forget the essentials.

Talk to your kids about their new responsibilities. 

I’ve learned a few things during my 4 years in parenting. One of them is that kids don’t know what they’re supposed to do. It’s true! When I scold them and say, “You know better!”, you have to step back and think … do they really? Have I taught them what they’re supposed to do, or am I assuming? Kids need to be told what is to be expected of them. Tell them that they’ll have homework. Let them in on the ins and outs of the lunchroom. Explain how morning drop offs will work. This will ensure smooth transitions, and everyone will know what is expected!

Be involved!

Don’t just ask them if they have homework and accept “Nope” for an answer. They probably have homework. If you have a fibber on your hands (I was totally one of them — sorry, Mom), make arrangements with your child’s teacher to initial your kids planner each day. It helps keep you AND your child accountable. Educating is a team effort. It works so much better when you are all on the same page!

Get organized.

Easier said than done, right? No! There’s tons of great tools to help you get and stay organized throughout the entire year. Tiny Prints offers fantastic stationary, planners, labels, and more for back to school.¬†They even have playdate cards and mommy cards for those of you with little ones! I love Tiny Prints, and their quality is unmatched. Check them out to help you keep your ducks in a row.


Do you have a kiddo starting school soon? Tell me your tips and tricks to ensure a stress-free school year!

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