The Little Looster Review and Giveaway

I’ll admit it… I’m terrified of potty training. As a first time mom, you kind of have to be right? The ominous potty training cloud has been hanging over my head for a long time, in spite of the fact that my daughter is just now approaching two. Honestly though, I think I am the only mom who’s more than willing to continue changing diapers if it means I don’t have to start thinking about the headaches of potty training. I typically just say, “Eh, I’ll just wait until Attie comes to me and says, ‘Mama, I think I’ll go peepee in the potty today!”

Part of what causes all my trepidation is all the STUFF that comes with potty training… the plethora of little tiny chairs to trip over during a midnight run to the bathroom, the inconvenient seat covers, the little step up chairs (again with the tripping, I’m very clumsy!!) – it all seems like a LOT of clutter and cost and I just don’t have room for that in our two VERY small bathrooms. Not to mention that my 2-going-on-16 year old refuses to use anything that mommy and daddy don’t use.

And then the Looster Booster comes along to save the day. This simple wrap-around booster step is perfect for little beans with little legs and big kid intentions. I love that the Looster lets us skip the bulky potty chairs! (And plus, I really didn’t want to have to clean that thing out anyway) It lets my little kid feel like a big kid. It also makes her laugh when she sees me prop my feet up on it just like she does. She always tells me “Mama, you’re kooky!” and then immediately asks to try herself. It has really encouraged a whole new level of interest than she ever had before and I can’t blame her- the toilet is taller than she is!

Now, like I said, my kiddo is just now hitting two. She thinks the potty is a glorified chair that is actually uncomfortable, so really the Looster Booster has served us well because she can step up and sit on the potty, get her 12.4 seconds of gratification, and step right back down. I was getting tired of the lift, sit, remove, lather, rinse, repeat about 5 times in 10 minutes. Unfortunately for my 23 month old, she also is kind of tiny. I’m sure her mini-stature will serve her well later on in life, but for now, it leaves her about 1 inch too short from being able to plant her feet firmly on the Looster while sitting square on the potty. But we have lots… and lots… and LOTS of time.

To me, the most beautiful part of the Looster is how non-invasive it is. The design honestly is brilliant. Not one adult would be even slightly inconvenienced by the presence of a Looster Booster around a toilet. It is a genuine space and clutter saver which I appreciate on SO many levels living in a small townhome with painfully tiny bathrooms. It’s also been husband and guest approved. I’ve never had to walk into the bathroom to find the Looster set aside or moved- because it never has to be! Check out the video for Little Looster:

You can purchase the Little Looster from their website for $34.99.

The Little Looster Booster has been a welcome addition to my home and hopefully, when I’m ready to get over all my potty training fears, it will graduate from a glorified step stool to a perfect potty training tool! And thanks to The Little Looster, you can add one to your house to!


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