Top Ten Giveaway Prizes I’ve Won {Guest Post}

I started entering giveaways in the fall of 2009…after I watched an episode of Wife Swap that featured a family that was obsessed — like, obsessed — with entering sweepstakes and contests and giveaways. So, I googled “sweepstakes” and found the Online Sweepstakes website. It’s been downhill ever since.

I used to enter giveaways daily (and a lot of them) but now that I have my own blog, I only check out giveaways on occasion. However, for the past month or so, I’ve been trying really, really hard to win an iPad. Seriously. Only because I don’t want to have to buy it retail. It hasn’t worked out for me yet.

My wish list for giveaway prizes is pretty shot — other than an iPad, I would love to win an Oreck or a new mattress. Of course, I’d also take a trip, but I never see anyone giving one of those away. So, until the day comes when I get the e-mail informing me that I’ve won an iPad…I have to just remember the awesome prizes I have won so far.

10. Hadaki Messenger Bag — I’m pretty sure this is awesome…but it’s hard for me to tell, since my daughter took it over. I’ve never used it, but she still does, a full year later. It’s super-cute and is so strong and durable — and she packs it to the brim, believe me. Great bag!

9. Cooling Gel Mat — I actually JUST won this and have not received it yet. However, it’s “scientifically proven” to lower your core temperature by a few degrees. Thank goodness. My husband overheats like crazy while he’s sleeping and it’s just kinda…ewwww. This should help solve that problem.

8. Spanx Pants — Need I say anything about Spanx pants? They’re black, they have a flair leg, and they can dress up or down. And I look so thin! LOVE them.

7. Orient Watch — I have a “thing” for watches. And, good watches…free? Um, yeah. Right up my alley. I got a silver watch with a pink face. Big surprise.

6. Photoweavers Photo Blanket — I LOVE this blanket. It is amazing. I have a blanket fetish (Seriously, there are 3 on my couch and two on my chair. I mean, come on.) and it is a reproduction of a picture of me (age 8) and my cousin when he was a baby. He passed away in 2005, so it is super-duper special to me.

5. Funkylicious Blog Design Package (by Zany Dezines) — I love my blog design…it’s unique and it’s so ME. LOVE it. And it was free. Giddy up.

4. $500 Gift Card to Itzy Bitzy Zutano — I don’t have a newborn but when I won this almost two years ago, I just went on a shopping spree and stocked up on a ton of baby stuff for gifts. It’s been a great stockpile for baby showers and baby gifts. (It’s getting low, sadly.)

3. $100 AMEX Gift Card — I used it at the Coach Outlet, where I scored a bag on clearance for about $115…which means I got a Coach bag for $15. Woo hoo!

2. $150 CASH — I won this in the Spring Follower Giveaway Tour. Awesome.

1. Keurig — This was another item that I really, really wanted badly (definitely on the wish list). And, it was one of those things that I did not want to pay for. So, that happened…the iPad should be next, right? Right??

Kristin is quite a character. She lives in a suburb about 10 minutes outside of Philadelphia, where she was born and raised. She is in the midst of two deep, abiding love affairs — one with her first love (after being reunited after almost 20 years…but that’s a story in and of itself) and with her beloved Phillies. She has four teenagers and a weird black cat. Kristin enjoys reading (but doesn’t get to do much of it anymore), writing, watching movies over and over, baking (but not eating the end product), and quoting Seinfeld. She has a background in journalism and PR and worked as a law clerk for a county prosecutor while attending law school. Stop by and pay this character a visit at Keenly Kristin.


  1. Chelsey says

    Every time I get a little sad that I lost a giveaway, I just think of all the awesome, amazing giveaways I’ve won and it reminds me to just be grateful. A couple of my more memorable wins have been a Guidecraft play kitchen for my kids, a $500 Visa card, an Oreck Edge and countless other prizes. I’ve been entering for about a year now and have definitely been blessed.

  2. says

    These are great prizes! I enter every day, many many giveaways! I win alot though. Total, about 2,400.00 worth of goodies since I started but not an Ipad either. I want one so bad too! Oh well, like you I love what I have won and get so excited. I always give them away though. My family loves it when I win cause they get something new!

  3. says

    Wow you’ve won some good stuff! I’ve been entering for about a month and I’ve won a few things – Barney DVD, handmade headbands,Charlie Banana cloth diapers and snapware. Nothing of high value, but we’ve loved it all anything free is fine by me!

  4. Kirstie says

    Those are some awesome prizes!! I enter giveaways daily and have been for over a year, but I still haven’t won anything!

  5. linda brooks says

    Ive been very lucky this year. Just for starters Ive won $2200 from cbs, an Imac from tv station in Miami, a TV from FB, an Ipod touch, and lots of other things. Im still waiting for that car..

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