Top Ten Mommy Blogs I Read Daily {Guest Post}

I read blogs every day.  I read them because they can give insight into thing I’m going through, show me a fresh perspective, and help me navigate this new life as a mother, all while being extremely entertaining.  Most of the blogs I read are family oriented, and my favorites are those that keep me laughing.  Here are the top ten funny family/mom blogs I read daily.

The Heir to Blair  This lady is seriously funny!  She writes about life as a wife and mom with zany antics and witty stories.  I totally love her sense of humor and just about everything she says.

Our Growing Garden   I started reading this blog when I was pregnant because we were due around the same time.  Now I read daily about her journey through breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and all the challenges of having a toddler.  Her posts are very lighthearted and always good for a giggle!

His Boys Can Swim!   Adventures in parenthood, written by a husband and wife team (aka Jane and Tarzan)   Especially good for a laugh is their “Dad’s guide to Pregnancy” and “Pregnancy Gas” sections.

Scary Mommy is hilarious!  Be sure to check out “The Confessional”, it will have you rolling in the floor!

Becoming SuperMommy is written by one talented Mamma!  Not only has she been published in various magazines and journals, but she is also a successful artist and awesome volunteer!  Her blog touches a bit on everything from family to controversial issues.

Mommy Dish will surely leave you laughing with stories of her family life.  She usually has a tasty recipe with each of her posts too!

Adeline’s Daddy  A dad and his baby girl.  Sweet, heartfelt, and funny.  Wednesdays are Vloggin’ Vednesdays.  He also has a shop on his site with cool baby attire.

MegaGood  I LOVE her quirky sense of humor and beautiful pictures.  She writes about raising an adorable toddler with her husband and cats in Chicago.  She hasn’t   published anything in a few weeks, but it’s totally worth keeping on the reading list!

Newly Crunchy Mama of 3  This is a giveaway blog focused on products for every member of the family.  Her reviews are very thorough and they always have some humor thrown in!

Baby Dickey  Most of you probably already know this one written by a momma of one (about to be two!).  She is a homebirth advocate and has weekly pregnancy updates.  She also has a separate site for giveaways.

All of these blogs are amazing and I hope you check them out, they just might brighten your day!


Jessca is the author of A Million Moments, a blog about life, family, crafts, and eco friendliness.  She has an amazing husband, adorable little boy, and three dogs.  She is a multiple miscarriage survivor and admitted cloth diaper addict. When she’s not busy being a full time mom, she is an avid crafter, painter, musician and outdoor festivalgoer.  She is also working on building her very own handmade empire. 


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