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With my son starting Kindergarten in just under a week, I want to protect him in all ways possible.  One of those is from the infestation of lice.  If you are anything like me, just thinking about lice makes your scalp itch and your skin crawl.  Many years ago, I worked in a children’s shelter and part of my job was to treat all the kids (and their stuff) that came in with lice to avoid spreading it among the others.  Let me tell you, it was not a fun job and one that I particularly don’t want to have to do with my own child and household. 

When I was first reading about Zippity Doo’s products, I was thinking what a great idea they are.  Prevent the head lice so you don’t have to treat it!  Works for me!  The Zippity Doo’s formula contains many natural ingredients that not only repel lice, but are mild enough to be used daily.  They are laboratory tested, paraben free, and SLS free.

Zippity Doo's Products

Zippity Doos sent both Ashley and I a full line of products to review. We received the products and I started using them on my kids.  I used the leave-in detangler on Joley first and the styling gel on Johnny.  I found the styling gel to not be very sticky, which in normal circumstances I would find acceptable.  But, I found the styling gel to not hold any style at all.  The leave-in detangler worked well but I find the odor a bit offensive.

Speaking of the odor, when I handed the shampoo and conditioner to Kenzie, she looked at me a bit strange but she is used to my handing her new products.  A few minutes later, she came to me and said “have you smelled this stuff?” with a disgusted face.  Apparently the odor was offensive to her as well.  I find the smell to be a bit strong for children.  When you think about a kids’ shampoo and styling products you don’t think of a “smelly” product but one that a mom can sink her nose into and take a deep breath.  I know you understand what I mean.  Kenzie has been using the product and the smell does not linger so that is a good thing and one that makes the product more desirable in my eyes.  But, there is one big hangup that prevents me from using the products with my younger children… it is not tear-free.  My kids are not at all happy about a product that will hurt their eyes in the bath or shower.  If your children need tear-free products, keep that in mind when you are deciding what to purchase from the Zippity Doo’s line.

The one Zippity Doo’s product I think is the best (although still a bit stinky) is the Shield Spray.  This product can be used on surfaces (hats, helmets, backpacks, pillows, combs, barrettes, etc) that may harbor lice and nits.  I love this idea more than any of the others because it is a first line of defense in my opinion.  Teaching my kids to not share their brush or hat is one thing.  Preventing any lice from infesting if they do share is another.  The Shield Spray is my favorite product of all of the Zippity Doo’s line.

You can find Zippity Doo’s at various retailers.  Prices may vary so be sure to check it out.  I think these products are a great idea for any family with school-aged kids. And now, Ashley’ll give you her mini-review of Zippity Doos!

Hey Freckleberries! Like Stefany, I received a full line of Zippity Doos products to review. Overall, I’d have to say that the idea behind Zippity Doos is phenomenal — no lice?! Sign me up! I loved the idea of the shield spray, and could totally see myself spraying down Emma’s backpack or even her coat come winter time. The shampoo and conditioner, unfortunately, didn’t quite fit my taste. The smell was a little strong, but it seemed to do its job — Emma’s hair was clean, and well, she’s lice free ;). All in all, if there is an outbreak of lice at my kiddo’s school, I would certainly use Zippity Doos to ward off the little buggers!

Zippity Doo’s has kindly offered the same product line I received to one of you.  You will receive the Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Detangler, Styling Gel, and Shield Spray.


  1. Tiffany Wilder says

    I have 2 girls and it seems like they get head lice at least once a year. It is such a pain. I would love to try a product that can help prevent head lice!

  2. tonya says

    i would love to try this line…..i have not seen this in my area at all….i have one school aged girl and a toddler……..

  3. Melissa says

    I just bought my first Zippity Doo’s products today. I am ready for it to get here. I have always used the tea tree oil in our hair products.

  4. Mary says

    That’s mainly the reason why I always checked my child’s hair and even personally take her a bath. I always wanted to protect my child but she needs to grow and learn things on her own. I have her shampoo for ticks and lice and it’s been working for her but I wanted more strong solution for she sometimes expose herself too much to dirt and under hit of the sun.


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