Imagine Toys Pretty Ponies Craft Kit Review & Giveaway

Do-together crafts. There’s macaroni necklaces, cut potato stamps, finger painting, and more. But when I’ve burned through my arsenal of crafts and I need immediate back up, I am at a loss. Sure, I can always try to convince them that folding laundry is a really fun game, but they’re starting to catch on to my sneaky tricks.

When I found out about Imagine Toys, I immediately wanted pretty much everything on their site. When I saw the new Pretty Ponies Craft Kit, I knew I’d found the perfect playtime toy for my kids. Emma is totally in to unicorns and horses, and Micah thinks the sun rises and sets with his sister, so anything she likes, he likes.

Our Pretty Ponies Craft Kit arrived in the mail just in time for a family reunion trip. Perfect! Emma is sort of shy when she’s around a big group of new(ish) people, so I was so glad that she would have a new toy to help ease her into the situation. We let her hold the Pretty Ponies box on the drive down to the reunion, and she studied the pictures of the horses and craft supplies with great intent. I knew we had a hit on our hands!

We arrived and set Emma up with the Pretty Ponies Craft Kit. In no time, a 6 year-old relative had sat down to play with Emma, intrigued by her crafting toy. For hours, they both threaded yarn manes, added glittery stickers to ponies, and heldĀ imaginative horse shows on the box-turned-stable stage! Seeing her use her imagination warmed my heart, and I knew she was having a blast. The only thing that was kind of a bummer was the horses legs. They tended to fall out of the slats on the horse’s body, so we ended up putting a dab of glue to hold them together. Problem solved!

Emma still plays with her ponies, even though the crafting time is done. The ponies have beautiful manes of yarn and ribbon (that are now well-loved), and she has such a great time just playing make believe with her stables.

You can buy a Pretty Ponies Craft Kit from Imagine Toys for $14.95. OR you can try your luck and WIN ONE right here on Freckleberry Finds!


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