JumpStart Review & Giveaway

It’s a fact of life. Computer skills are necessary in today’s world. My 4 year old, Emma, has really become proficient with a computer, and can fairly easily navigate the internet and a few games on kid-friendly websites. But the thing I really want to do is utilize her computer skills and make learning fundamental basics fun for her.

I remember using JumpStart as a kid, and I loved it! So, I was thrilled to hear that it was still around, and has grown into an interactive online play place that Emma absolutely loves. She was able to create a character that looks like her (easily her favorite part!), and she was set to explore the JumpStart world. She could adopt pets, design houses, tons more, and learn while she does it! The JumpStart world is set up similar to a video game where the kiddo can direct their character to different parts of the land.

Emma could “walk” around JumpStart for hours, finding new little activities and things to do! The games at JumpStart are designed to focus on math, reading, and critical thinking. Most importantly, JumpStart makes it FUN for kids to learn. Emma has such a great time “playing”, I don’t have the heart to tell her that she’s learning!

JumpStart also has mobile apps available so you can play on the go! You can also snag JumpStart for your Wii, Nintendo DS. JumpStart is free to play online, but to get more activities, games, and adventures, there is an exclusive membership you can buy starting at $7.99, and you can have up to six kids on your account! Here’s a quickie video that gives you a peek of JumpStart in action:

Overall, I love JumpStart. It’s perfect for when I’m making dinner, and the kiddo has exhausted my tricks and distractions. She can just sit at the kitchen table and chat with me about what land she’s in, and what game she just won. I absolutely┬árecommend JumpStart to anyone with preschoolers and beyond!

Want to win a 3 month membership to the JumpStart world? Your kids will love you forever, I swear. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!


  1. Leslie Galloway says

    I have a 3-year-old and a five-year-old who are both starting to be interested in the computer. My daughter just started Kinder, and they’ve been going to computer lab. This would be perfect. :)

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