Just Fashow Fashion Accessories Review & Giveaway

It’s hard to think of a witty intro when I’m still busy fawning over my REALLY cute new purse from Just Fashow. I got this thing in the mail just a few days ago and haven’t stopped talking about it or looking at it since. Okay, cut me a little slack. I’m a working mom with two very large side projects and a handful of other small side projects so fashion is pretty much the last thing on my list of priorities so I practically threw myself at this opportunity to get a cute new accessory for myself!

Just Fashow offers tons of fashion accessories at totally affordable prices. I love that they carry a lot of really classic pieces, that every girl/woman/mom should have in their fashion arsenal while also offering cute unique pieces that are totally fashion forward. I had a really hard time choosing which item I wanted to review but in the end I opted for the Sweetheart Leatherette Handbag ($49.90 RV) in grey. I am absolutely in love. The leatherette is gorgeous. It truly feels and looks like real leather and these photos just cannot do it justice. I also adore the soft gold accents. Its subtle enough that even the biggest silver-wearer could still pull it off and gold enough that those who wear gold will appreciate the coordination! The gold and grey combo is totally fresh and unexpected but it works! I love it!

Lastly, I really appreciate the fact that this purse has not become a black hole to all my possessions. I’m a former black-hole-purse-carrier and over Christmas converted to something much smaller and still it became a black hole. This purse has 3 small compartments that make it really hard to lose something in. I can use one compartment for diapers & wipes (Yes, even my cloth diapers!), one compartment for child occupying items, and the center compartment for my billfold, phone, make up, and Excedrin. :) Its very mom-friendly but I secretly love that if I’m carrying it out in public without my child in tow- I’ve been stopped by college girls who ask where I got my cute purse. Little do they know I’ve got a spare sock, 1/2 eaten cereal bar, and an open package of wipes in there!

I really just cannot rave more about this purse so I’ll move on to make a few quick comments about Just Fashow. Like I already mentioned, their selection is great but whats even better was their amazing customer service and quick shipping. I received a prompt shipping notice via FedEx and my package was here within 3 days! You really just can’t beat that.

6.25 mm Clear Silver Round Studs Silver Texture Ring

Just Fashow has been kind enough to extend all you Freckleberry readers 15% off their store! Just use the code 15OFF at checkout and you’ll be good to go! On top of that, you all have a chance to win one item of YOUR CHOICE from the store! So be sure to hop on over to their website now and start browsing! You won’t be disappointed!


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