Malcolm McDinkelstorm Fedderman Stich // A New Children’s Book

My maiden name was a mouthful, and I encountered many mispronunciations and jumbled syllables. But with a name like Malcolm McDinkelstorm Fedderman Stich, the title character of this new children’s book has me beat by a mile!

This story, authored by Peter Carnegie, centers itself around Malcolm and his tongue twister of a name. He decides to get a long legged, pot bellied frog for a pet, and naming him proves to be a fun adventure! What kind of name can Malcolm dream up for his new companion?

Malcolm and his new buddy are beautifully illustrated by Patty Johnston. Author and former teacher Peter Carnegie caters to a child’s wild imagination with this fun and colorful book that is perfect for kiddos ages 3-10.

You can purchase this book from Amazon for just $10! I love giving books as gifts for kids (I mean, does little Susie really┬áneed another Littlest Pet Shop or Barbie?), and this is such an adorable book, I know it would be a hit! Here’s what others have had to say about Malcolm McDinkelstorm Fedderman Stich:

“This is such a cute book! My kids love the story -it keeps them laughing and interested from start to finish. As a mother of three and a school based speech therapist, I love the flow and rhythm of the story. To me, it is important to read stories to children that are not only fun, but also educational. This book is great for rhyming which is such an important component to language and emerging literacy. You won’t be dissapointed!”

My kids and I loved this book! They were hysterical listening to me read it to them and they really liked the illustrations. Our favorite part was finding out what name the frog was finally given….but you’ll have to read it yourself to find out! Looking forward to more books from the author.”

Pick this one up, folks. With the holidays around the corner, you wont want to miss out on this hilarious new tongue twister of a book!

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