Rafflecopter Round Up // WIN a $25 Target Gift Card!

RafflecopterRound Up Giveaway

Welcome to Rafflecopter Round Up! I am giving away a $25 Target Gift Card! I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like Target (Target and their popcorn are my BFFs), so I know you’ll want to win this one!

Now, hop on over to the rest of the blogs that are participating in the Rafflecopter Round Up! All giveaways are (obvs) done with Rafflecopter, so it’ll be a cinch to enter!


  1. I’d use it towards Christmas gifts for my boys.

  2. Chelsea O'Larey says:

    I would love to start christmas shopping with this card!

  3. I would buy my husband some new shirts

  4. Keely Purvis says:

    I would use the gift card towards Christmas gifts! I love Target :)

  5. Stephanie McHugh says:

    Would love to win this! Target is one of my favorite places to shop! :)

  6. Stephanie McHugh says:

    Meant to include that I’d spend it on my son. He needs a few long-sleeve shirts for the fall/winter months.

  7. I would use it on fall clothes for my daughter.

  8. jennifer horn says:

    I’d buy clothes for my 3 year old.

  9. I would spend it on something nice for me to compliment my ongoing weight loss from my recent gastric sleeve surgery. :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  10. Tiffany LaCourse says:

    If I won I would spend it on diapers

  11. I love Target! I would use it for clothes for the kids!

  12. We need wipes… :)

  13. Michele Henneman says:

    I would save it for Christmas presents.

  14. I would use it to start buying Christmas Gifts or help out with Thanksgiving Dinner for a family in need

  15. Kristie Betts says:

    I would spend it on my kids, hopefully clothes, they’re so hard to buy clothes for these days.

    Thanks for the chance to win

  16. Would use it on groceries at SuperTarget!

  17. I would spend this on my kids, maybe clothes or toys!

  18. Well … I’d probably spend it on the family. They have great prices on personal products so … that’s probably how I’d use it. Thanks for this opportunity!
    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  19. If I won, I’d give the giftcard to my dear friend to buy whatever she needs for her baby girl due in November :D

  20. I would use it for laundry soap. :)

  21. I would use it for winter clothes for my two little guys.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  22. I’d buy myself a new pair of jeans! Just lost the preggo weight!

  23. kathleen siegle says:

    I would spend it on some new clothes for me! I havent splurged on myself since the baby was born!

  24. I’d probably use it for Christmas gifts this year.

  25. I’d use it for things for my new baby!

  26. Kari Howell says:

    I would use it on clothes for my kids. They must be in a growth spurt because their pants are getting above their ankles. Geesh!

  27. julie kowalewski says:

    I would use it on my grandson. I usually don’t have extra money to help out with him and this would buy him a pair or 2 of jeans he keeps outgrowing so fast!

  28. I would buy groceries for my family!

  29. I’d use it for Christmas gifts. Thanks!

  30. stephanie muth says:

    i would spend it on a bday present for my nephew

  31. If I won I’d use the GC to start buying Christmas gifts. I have lots of nieces and nephews who love new toys from Target!

  32. I would use it to buy christmas presents.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  33. amy hollingsworth says:

    I would start Christmas shopping

  34. Debbie Painter says:

    I would use it to start Christmas shopping for my 2 year old Grandson!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  35. Anne Taylor says:

    I would use this towards Christmas gifts for my grandbabies


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  36. I’d get some winter clothes for my kids

  37. I would put this towards Christmas shopping for my boys!

  38. I’d use it to do some early Christmas shopping.

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  39. I’d spend it on early Christmas presents!

  40. Rae Higgins says:

    I’d buy socks & undies for my grandsons.

  41. I would get pullups and wipes

  42. Jayne Bontekoe Lenderink says:

    would like to save it for a christmas present!

  43. Early Christmas shopping is a good idea!

  44. I would save it for Christmas shopping!

  45. I’d buy groceries with it.
    Target has some things I can’t find elsewhere.
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  46. ALLEN SISSON says:

    I would buy my granddaughter a birthday present

  47. I would probably spend it on Little Bit :D

  48. mary fallon says:

    i would send it to my nephew at college


  49. I would spend it on the kids!

  50. stephanie miller says:

    only 97 more shopping days til christmas! i would definately spend it on my family!

  51. Sherri Richardson Burgan says:

    This is AWESOME!!!!

  52. Leslie Galloway says:

    I’d probably spend it on myself. hehe!
    Some new makeup maybe!

  53. Diana Russell says:

    I’d put it towards Christmas presents! Its almost here!

  54. Early Christmas shopping probaly

  55. I would more than likely spend the money on my girls. I just love Target’s baby section!

  56. Angela Maa s says:

    What wouldn’t I buy at Target, lol. It’s my favorite store. I’d buy a new sweater for winter and gloves. :)

  57. Tiffany Drew says:

    I would put this towards Christmas presents

  58. Susan Elliott says:

    I’d spend it on some household things.


  59. Melissa Lawler says:

    I would use it to pay for my prescriptions.

  60. Joyce Mlinek says:

    I would use it for Christmas on my daughter.

  61. Theresa Shafer says:

    $25 added to my food budget would really help me to get even farther. Thank you for this chance.

    tes 1283 yahoo

  62. I <3 Target baby clothes!!! So, I would be buying clothes for my baby if I won :)
    Thank you!!
    Jessi G

  63. I’d use it towards holiday shopping. Thank you.

  64. Alison Tolar says:

    I would put the gift card towards a cute new pair of shoes.

  65. I would buy sleepers/pjs for my daughter. she is outgrowing all of hers – need some in 12 and 18 months. i have to do laundry 1x/week b/c we only have 7 in the 6-9month size and she’s outgrowing them fast >.<

  66. I would spend it on my son…probably some new clothes

  67. I usually buy things for other people so this time I would probably spend it on myself, there has been a hat and a purse I really like at target :)

  68. I need a new coffee grinder, so I’d use it for me!

  69. I’d like to spend it on myself, but if I’m being realistic, I’ll have to buy my son some clothes.

  70. I’d probably spend it on something for the kids for Christmas.
    mrshud at cox dot net

  71. Shelly Peterson says:

    If i win It would go towards Christmas shopping.

  72. Sabrina Radke says:

    I would spend this on my 13 year old, he needs new clothes!

  73. It will be spent on someone else…probably diapers for my son.

  74. I would normally spend it on myself to splurge a little, but since my favorite aunt has a birthday next month, I’d most likely use it toward getting her something special. Thanks!

  75. I’d probably spend it on organizing my computer room, which is a work in progress.

  76. I think that I would go and buy myself a skirt or something like that

  77. I would buy something for my boys I am sure:)

  78. Andrea Williams says:

    I would use it for Christmas presents.

  79. Chelsea Saulpaugh says:

    I would use it to buy pet food. Feeding my herd of animals can get expensive!

  80. If I won this gc I would put it to good use towards my son’s birthday present! He’s really into the new cars 2 toys, and Target has a great selection!

  81. I’d probably spend it on household necessities/groceries.

  82. I would use a 25.00 Target GC to do a little early Christmas shopping!

  83. I would spend it on my boys

  84. Lisa Calandrino says:

    I’d buy groceries with it. I’m unemployed.

  85. I would use the Target card for gifts for Christmas.

    I do not need the shock of putting things off till the last

    minute !

  86. stacey dempsey says:

    oh i would likely spend it on one of my kids, and xmas isnt that far away and i havent even got all the stuff they need for scnool yet lol
    staceyx at telus dot net

  87. I would use it for some gifts for a friend

  88. $25 at Target goes a long way with me: With the right sale, I can buy underwear for my grandson AND myself and have change. :)

  89. kristen fritsche says:

    If I won this GC I would use it for Christmas gifts!

  90. Angela Sue Gross says:

    I’d either save this toward Christmas presents or use it to help buy a fan for myself. I have my eye on a good standing fan which would be nice for my bedroom, but it’s a little expensive.

  91. ericka coello says:

    now in my house we are trying to have an organic diet but those kind of product are so expensive… that gift card will help us with a healthier shopping

  92. Cynthia Conley says:

    I would buy some filters for my Brita water pitcher with the gc.

  93. I would use it on a Christmas present :)

  94. Debbie jackson says:

    knowing me it would be grocery day lol

  95. I would get some fall/winter clothes for my daughter and maybe a nailpolish for myself :)

  96. I’d use it for christmas toys for by boys.

  97. Thank you! We need all the help we can get!


  98. I would get a baby swing for our baby that’s due in March.

  99. I would find an adorable outfit to spoil my baby girl with!

  100. Time to start my Christmas shopping, I would spend the $25 on my kids.

  101. I have two sons with bdays coming up, so I’d spend it on them!

  102. I would love to spend this on myself and get a new dress.

  103. I would use it for the upcoming holidays. Thanks!

  104. I’d save this to use at Christmas
    msboatgal at aol.com

  105. I would use it toward Christmas presents for my 11 grandkids!

  106. Abby Lashley says:

    great prize!!

  107. If I won, I’d give it to my cousin who is expecting, due in Nov!

  108. Juana Esparza says:

    I would use the GC to buy groceries.


  109. I would probably save it and put it toward Christmas shopping

    all natural katie

  110. with 4 kids there is always somebody needing some type of clothing item. That’s probably what it would be used for.

  111. My son’s birthday is in October! I would love to put this toward his present. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  112. I would use the Target giftcard to get groceries for me and my hubby!

  113. Chelsea Spurgeon says:

    I’d spend it on Christmas gifts!

  114. Spend on myself and kids on our next trip to the US!

  115. I spend it on the baby that’s on the way!

  116. I would use it for Christmas presents for my nephew and 2 nieces. They love Target!

  117. Kristy Bodle says:

    I would spend it on my son and my husband and me if I can find something.

  118. Kristy Bodle says:

    I love to get things at Target for my son. I Love Target.

  119. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    I will spend it on things for my grandchildren!

    dwellenstein at cox dot net

  120. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I would give it to one of my sons for Christmas.

  121. tina demarco says:

    id spend it on my 3 kids

  122. If I were able to win a gift card like this, I would put it towards our new family tv!

  123. Hope I can save it for Christmas.

  124. Maegan Morin says:

    I would use it to buy Christmas Presents :D

  125. I’d probably spend it Christmas shopping :)

  126. I would use it to get new toothbrush heads for our Sonic Care Toothbrushes.

  127. I’d buy catfood and maybe some Ritter Sport Marzipan chocolate for myself!

  128. If I won I would use it to put toward Christmas shopping for my family.

  129. there is always something that I need at Target!

  130. Anna Driver-Bishop says:

    I would buy a bridesmaids gift for my maid of honor!

  131. I would use it towards holiday gifts for my girls.

  132. If I won, I’d buy some new pants for fall. Thanks!

  133. I’d spend it on myself, get some bath & body stuff. :)

  134. jana haskins says:

    someone else!


  135. I love Target, I can always find something there. Although right now I’m wanting a new case for my phone.

  136. I would give it to my 9 yr old so she could pick out a game for her Wii for her birthday.

  137. I would use it for my son, so to answer the question – someone else.

  138. Hannah Avery says:

    Either for Christmas, or for me or my son. I LOVE Target!

    hannahavery85 at yahoo dot com

  139. I’d buy something for my daughter(6).

  140. Can’t believe I am saying this (where did the YEAR go??) — but, Christmas gifts for my son. I can easily spend $25 (and MUCH more) at Target…!!!

  141. I’d spend it on my kids’ Christmas presents

  142. I would spend it on myself and buy a sweater

  143. Megan Parsons says:

    I would use this gift card towards christmas gifts

  144. i would spend it on whatever i needed from target that day! either something for my son or a present for my friend that is expecting a baby in november.

  145. I would use it to buy something we need for the household. Maybe some new bins for organizing or a new mirror.

  146. I would use it to get my daughter something extra for christmas
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  147. I would use it for the whole family. We shop Target all the time so we could find something we all wanted-like a game.


  148. Christine May says:

    I would spend most of it on Christmas presents, but a little bit on myself.

  149. I’d use it to purchase more Halloween party supplies for our upcoming Halloween Party.

  150. My niece needs some more school clothes. I’d use the GC towards that.

  151. I would decide what I would get when I got there. I haven’t been to target in a while because I live at a small town at the coast. I have to drive to Portland which I do often. Rita

  152. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    I would spend it on Christmas gifts for my family

  153. buy puppy toys!

  154. I would use for my daughters for clothes

  155. Adrienne Hayes says:

    I’d spend it on myself for a change.

  156. Adrienne Hayes says:

    I’d spend it on myself for a change.

  157. This most definitely would be going to christmas and I love Target.


  158. Theresa DeRosa says:

    I would probably use the $25 to start buying stocking stuffers for Christmas.

  159. I admit I would love to spend it, but the honest answer is I would probably give it to someone as a Christmas present. It is really tight financially right now, so Christmas will be slim.
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  160. luckylifepath22 says:

    i would buy some cute decorations for my apartment

  161. Kelly Burroughs Crowell says:

    I’d save it for Christmas shopping because our budget will be very limited and it would be a tremendous help in getting one of the children something they need :)

  162. I’d use it to buy my daughter Christmas Presents OR I’d buy my soon to be boy the things he needs more of like white undershirts.

  163. I think I would spend it on clothes for the kids.

  164. I would put it towards my Christmas shopping.

  165. If I won I would get a few sweatshirts for my son.

  166. I’d spend it on gifts for other people. There are so many babies being born, birthdays, and holidays in the next few months!

  167. I’d give it to my boyfriend’s son who is away at college so he could buy things he needs (or wants)!

  168. Amanda Alvarado says:

    My mom’s bday is coming up next month so I would use it to get her a bday present!

  169. I’d buy the Cars dvd for my daycare kids.

  170. Michelle Spayde says:

    I’d probably buy cat litter.

  171. Jennifer Sargent says:

    I desperately need clothes — that’s what I’d use it toward.

  172. Stacy Fields says:

    I would use the GC towards Christmas for my kids.

  173. I would send it to my son so he could shop for his NEW apartment

  174. I would love to win this so I can buy my girls some very needed shoes.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  175. STACY NORRIS says:

    I would start buying for Christmas!

  176. I would put it towards Christmas

  177. Tammy Allgood-Hemmerling says:

    I would want to spend it on myself, but I know I’d end up spending it on my 4 year old son! lol

  178. tina demarco says:

    save for xmas shopping

  179. I would use for the holidays to get toys for the Toys for Tots program,

  180. Chelsei Ryan says:

    I would use it to purchase Christmas gifts.

  181. mistysunrise says:

    I would give it to my nephew to spend on a game.

  182. Marsha Hembrick says:

    It would help with holiday shopping

  183. I would probably get either maternity clothes or baby things

  184. I would use the card on my family.. maybe put it in the Christmas fund. :)

  185. I would save the gift card for when there is a good sale or something I would really like. I don’t know if I would spend it on my daughter or me.

  186. Carrie Phelps says:

    I would spend it on my new grandbaby due in three weeks.

  187. Marion Scharf says:

    I am expecting DS#2 in November, so I would probably spend it on baby supplies.

  188. Christmas is coming. LOL

  189. Mary Casper says:

    liked on facebook as cathy marsh casper

  190. I would buy my daughter some snow pants.

  191. renee walters says:

    I follow your blog on GFC, subscribe to your email and like you on Facebook! I would love to win this to use for Christmas gifts! Thanks so much for the terrific giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  192. I would spend the Target gift card getting a new sweatshirt for my son!

  193. I’d definitely use it for someone else because I’ve started my Christmas shopping. :-)
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  194. Amy Brown Whitley says:

    I would buy socks and tights for my kiddos

    amybrown16 (at) insightbb (dot) com

  195. I would spend my target gift card on groceries.

  196. I would save it for Christmas!

  197. I think I’d spend it on my husband. He’s been a good boy this year!

  198. I would use for Christmas shopping for grandkids. Thanks for the great sweep. Hope to win :)

  199. I would use it towards baby supplies for my new baby boy!

  200. I would put it towards groceries at out super target.

  201. Spend it on me? What does that mean? LoL… considering all three of my kids birthdays are within the next month AND Christmas, I’m guessing not on me :)

  202. I would use it towards Christmas. Maybe something from the family.

  203. I would spend it do buy a doormat for our front door.

  204. Joanne Schultz says:

    I’m unemployed, so I’d use this to help buy Christmas presents!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  205. Terri Martin says:

    Christmas for grandkids..lol

  206. I would use the $25 to buy groceries for my family at Target. They have a small grocery section that’s slowly getting bigger.

  207. I’d buy some treats for my children’s class.

  208. Tiffany Windham says:

    If I win, I will be using the gc for Christmas gifts. Buying things for others is always more fun and rewarding. Thank you for the chance to win! =)

  209. Jessica MCGhee says:

    I would use it towards my daughter’s birthday present.

  210. Annemarie Zito says:

    I would put it towards toys for Christmas presents!

  211. Shirley M. Taylor says:

    I would use it for christmas

  212. Kellye McGarrah says:

    I would use this toward Christmas gifts! :)

  213. I’d spend it on some new clothes for my girls.

  214. kathy pease says:

    id buy my son a laptop case

  215. Nichelle Riann says:

    This would be great for Christmas gifts!

  216. Thanks for the Chance!

  217. Laura Emerson says:

    I have a 8 week old son so I would buy him a new outfit.
    laura dot hopelessromantic dot emerson at gmail dot com

  218. Susan Smith says:

    I’d get a new pair of shoes

  219. I would get some Christmas presents.

  220. I would spend it on our household for printer ink :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  221. Great giveaway, thanks for hosting! Our Blog Blast Mini is going well too!! I could always use some spending money at Target, we’re there all the time picking up little necessities!

  222. I would use it to by me some new black yoga pants to last me through my pregnancy.. so confy! Thanks

  223. I would put a $25 Target gift card toward household items.

  224. Gina Taylor says:

    I would spend it on my son or my husband or both :)

    Thanks :)

  225. buy halloween itmes

  226. I would use it for either ink for my printer or maybe towards some gifts for Xmas to put away for the kids this Xmas.

  227. I would spend it on a gift from new baby brother to new big sister!

  228. I have no idea, but it would definitely go to good use!

  229. barbara hunt says:

    Thanks for the great contest!


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