Rockboard Scooter Review & Giveaway

Remember when Razor scooters were all the rage? Well forget about them. Because Rockboard just whooped their tush.

Rockboard scooters are, simply put, flippin’ AWESOME. You can ride without ever putting your foot on the ground. You heard right. Video speaks louder than the written word in this case, so peep this footage:

(If you’re at work, just mute it. There’s only music, no dialogue.)

Basically, you can rock back and forth on the footboard, and it propels you forward using something similar to a bike chain. You can also switch modes and use it as a traditional scooter as well. AWESOME.  The Rockboard Scooter comes in two different models: Original and Mini. The original is adult/teen/big kid sized, and can hold up to 200 pounds! The Mini (the model I received to review) is intended for kids 5+, and holds up to 90 pounds.

The coolest thing is how portable it is. The Rockboard comes pretty much assembled (you have to snap the handles in), and then you’re ready to roll. It easily folds down so you can carry it with you wherever you need to go. This bad boy can reach speeds of 10 MPH, and so it really is a sensible transportation method if you’re, say, a college student getting to class across campus. Smaller than a bike, and tons more fun!

I will say that if you’re an adult, go with the original. Don’t try to be a cool guy and ride the mini. I munched it so bad trying to ride my mini down our sidewalk, haha! My kids love it though! They ride around on it while I push (kickboard mode). Make sure you’re safe and wear safety gear while riding, just in case. I’m planning on taking it to a family get together this weekend so the elementary aged kids can give it a spin. It’s gonna be a hit! Need some color options? No prob. The Rockboard comes in white, blue, pink and orange.

You can buy the Rockboard Mini at for $159.99, or you can snag the Original Rockboard for $199.99.

How about winning a Rockboard Mini? You know you want to Rock out. Enter on the Rafflecopter widget below!


  1. Kathie says

    super excited about this one! my son is obsessed with scooters and will be turning 10 in 2 weeks!!! awesome thing to be able to surprise him!!! good luck to everyone <3

  2. melissa portillo says

    my son has been going on about this scooter for a while and last week a neighbor broke his razor scooter so now hes even more loud about this one lol
    Great christmas gift.

  3. P Anderson says

    I would LOVE to be fortunate enough to win this item. Why am I being so bold? Well, one of my foster son’s high school friends has to walk from his house to the high school everyday. It is 6 MILES one way. This Rockboard Scooter would be so perfect for him. He would be elated!!
    THank you SO MUCH for the opportunity and your generousity of the giveaway.

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