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I recently received a very exciting box in the mail, and had to physically restrain my husband from tearing into the contents the second he saw the two beautiful glass bottles nestled in their packaging. I could hardly blame him ~ they looked delicious!

Sidral Mundet is a Mexican beverage similar to Jauritos, but with a much more distinctive flavor and kick ~ and did I mention they are all natural?

Sidral Mundet’s apple-flavored soft drink comes from Mexico and is popular for its great taste which comes from real apples and not artificial flavors. NO KIDDING, look at the ingredients NO artificial flavoring. All flavors come from the third item on the list: “Apple Juice”

Made with natural sugar, Sidral Mundet boasts a unique and delicious taste.

Mundet started in 1902 when Porfirio Diaz was still governing Mexico, and Pancho Villa was known as Jose Doreoteo and being a tough revolutionary was a distant thought.

Today, Sidral Mundet is among the best known brands in Mexico and one with great tradition. Sidral Mundet still maintains its high quality because its flavor comes from apple juice and it is pasteurized which guarantees its quality and freshness.

So clean and refreshing, Mexican mothers trusted it and would give their children Sidral Mundet when they had upset stomachs to provide hydration and still today Sidral Mundet is used among Mexican grownups when dealing with a stomach ache or to aide in a more grownup condition: “Cruda”

But Sidral Mundet does not live in the past and continues to be a contemporary brand known for its high quality, great taste and adaptability to the present. Today, Mundet increased its flavors and introduced Mundet GREEN APPLE, tangy and refreshing also made with apple as a flavoring.

Choose your favorite or drink both.

~ From Sidral Mundet’s “Our Rich History” webpage

It was a close call, in our household, which of the two flavors ~ Original or Green Apple ~ was the yummier soda, but in the end I lost to the Green Apple team. Kris said the green one was prettier, Brett liked the fizzier texture, and Nick and all three of the other guys said they liked the green best because it tasted more like apple than the Original did. Personally, I didn’t really care for the Green Apple because I could taste a very faint bitter aftertaste, which I can’t stand no matter how yummy the soda is. On the other hand, I absolutely loved the Original because of the smooth, almost velvety texture, the dark hints of apple, and the muted fizz. I am not a big soda drinker, but Sidral Mundet Original definitely gets to name me a new customer from now on!

The two bottles of Sidral Mundet came packaged in an attractive cardboard box with their logo and company history printed neatly on the outside, the bottles nestled inside with cardboard dividers to keep them from hitting each other and breaking.

My brother-in-law, Thomas, was thrilled with the tee shirt that came with the sodas, and was more than happy to cheese it up for my camera with one of the soda bottles. The shirt was an unexpected and very nice touch, and the fact that it was a high quality shirt made it pretty sweet! Thomas is just lucky it wasn’t my size! *wink*

I was very impressed with Sidral Mundet, both as a delicious beverage, and as a brand. I will definitely be purchasing their sodas in future, and you should, too!

If you want to purchase a refreshing bottle of Sidral Mundet for yourself, you can easily find a store near you that carries it by visiting their “Store Locator” tab on their webpage, here. They retail in most stores for just under a dollar!

You can also become a fan of Sidral Mundet by visiting their Facebook fanpage and clicking the “Like” button at the top. They host giveaways and contests all the time, so this is a really good way to get in on good deals and win free sodas! One of the main attractions at their Facebook page is “Where’s Mundet?”, an interactive search and find game, where you use a digital magnifying glass to locate their logo (that big red apple at the top of this post) in a larger picture. Winners automatically get free soda, and larger prizes are given away, too!

If you are on Twitter, you can follow Sidral Mundet there, as well. Just like on Facebook, they host contests and giveaways for free soda all the time! :) So go get your Tweet on here!

Want to sample Sidral Mundet for yourself without buying it first? Don’t knock over that grocery store ~ you can win two bottles (one in each flavor) of your very own right here! Good luck, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Disclaimer:  I received a free sample of the product above in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to endorse this product, and my good opinion of this product is entirely my own.


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