Tastes Like Home: Meatloaf Recipe

We all have that one meal that when you eat it, it instantly transports you back to your mom’s kitchen table. Well this, my friends, is my Tastes Like Home recipe.

Mom’s Meatloaf
2 pounds ground beef
1 bag of croutons, crushed
1/2 onion, optional (I skip this because my kids have onion radar)

1/2 c ketchup
1 tbsp mustard
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
A heaping 1/2 cup of brown sugar

Keep in mind that since this is a “mom taught” recipe, measurements are eyeballed.

First, let your 2 year old bang the snot out of your bag of croutons.

Next, combine beef, crushed croutons, and chopped onion (if you’re using it). In a separate bowl, combine all topping ingredients.

Pour your topping sauce over the loaf.

Now bake at 350F for 2 hours. Inhale deeply as it cooks and get ready for deliciosity.

When I eat this, it’s instant comfort and love. What is your tastes like home recipe?


  1. amyh says

    I LOL’d at Onion Radar too! I use onion powder in my meatloaf because my toddler also would reject the onions, but I NEED onion flavor in there! I love your dish pattern :)

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