The Bloggers Toolbox: How I Make My Own Buttons, No Photoshop Required!

So you want to make your own event or blog button/banner, but you don’t have Photoshop (or, like me, want to throw your computer across the room when you try to use it)? Never fear, mighty blogger. I am here.

I will warn you, this is probably the most ridiculous way ever to make a button, but hey, I make my own, and it works! The image above? I made it. It ain’t nothin’ fancy, but I think it’s decent!

What You’ll Need
A Background
A Rad Font
Some Basic Computron Skillz

First, find yourself a background. Personally, I like to use digital scrapbooking papers that you can very often find for free online. Just google “free digital scrapbooking papers” and you’ll get oodles of hits! For the sake of this demonstration, I chose a paper from Design House Digital:

Cute, right?

Now open up Microsoft Word or any other similar program. Insert the picture into the document.

Now, right click on your scrapbook paper, and go to Wrap Text>Behind Text.

Now insert your text and select a cute font. There’s tons at DaFont, Font Squirrel, and Kevin & Amanda. The font I used is called Red Bucket.

Now that you have your text placed where you want it (tip: it’s easier to move the image, not the text!), hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard. Mine is next to my delete key, yours might be near your Num Lock key. It wont look like anything happened, but don’t be fooled!

Open up MSPaint. Hit ctrl+v and your screenshot should be there! Maaagic. Now all you need to do is crop your button/banner to the size you need. Once you crop it, hit ctrl+c again. Open another new paint doc(File>New) and again hit ctrl+v.

Now just go to File>Save as and name your file!

Ta daaa! I just made a cute banner, no photoshop required!

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  1. says

    Never would have known to do it this way w/out this post. I use Paint, Photoshop and the newest fav is Gimp. Nice solution you have provided :)


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