Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Mirror Review & Giveaway

Usually, my showers are done lickety split while I rush to wash my hair and sing songs to appease my 4 month old while she sits in her bouncer outside of the shower door. However, when I get to really shower, I take my time. I love to just stand there in the silence. Ahh, alone time. How I love you.

So when I found out about the Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Mirror, I was pumped. The Fogless Shower Mirror is so smart, I often wonder why it took so long for someone to figure it out. The mirror is designed not to fall, and uses silicone adhesive that is really simple to install on pretty much any shower surface (slate included!). No more suction cups that don’t actually stay put! The way it stays fogless is genius. You just fill the reservoir with warm water each time you get in the shower, and it remains fogless for LIFE. No fog free sprays or anything.

I love that it has a tilt feature, so keep that in mind when installing it. I don’t have to tippy toe to use it just because my husband is taller. Also, I love the shelf that is attached to the mirror. It’s perfect for razors, tweezers, etc. I love being able to multitask and tweeze my eyebrows in the shower! Anything that helps save me time is a winner in my book.

They also give you a squeegee so you can easily clean your mirror. Perfect! You can buy a Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Mirror from Amazon for $29.95

Want to win a Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Mirror? You betcha!


  1. Chelsea O'Larey says

    I’d love to win it for both of us! Hubby could use it for shaving and I could use it to do my hair and makeup even if the bathroom is still foggy from the shower!

  2. Jessica Compton says

    I want to win it for me! Also, my boyfriend and I are getting ready to move in together, so I’m sure he’d get great use out of it too! lol

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