Top Ten Educational Apps for Kids {Guest Post}

As a homeschooler {and uber tech geek}, I love finding educational apps for my daughter to use on the iPod. They’re fun, they reinforce what she’s learning, and they’re often free. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she’s sitting there with an iPod all day. During her free time, though, she likes to take a rest and play. We’ve used quite a few and some just haven’t measured up to my exacting {yeah, right…} standards. Others, however, are filled with total awesomesauce!
Here’s a list of my top ten educational apps for kids:

  1. BrainPOP Featured Movie {Free} – My daughter has learned about all sorts of things on Brain POP: Malcolm X, bones, among many other things. Each day you get access to one free BrainPOP “movie” {it’s more like a little video}. This is by far her favorite.
  2. Stack the States {$0.99} – This is probably my daughter’s second favorite app. She has learned way more about the shape of the states and where they go than she’s learned with anything else thus far.
  3. MathGirl Number Garden {$1.99} – It’s fun. It’s pink. There are bunnies. What more do you need?
  4. VideoScience {Free} – This app has tons of science experiment videos. They’re easy to do yourself and don’t cost a ton to emulate.
  5. HowStuffWorks {Free} – My daughter loves this one as well. You can learn all sorts of great random stuff!
  6. Multiplication Genius Lite {Free} – This is a great app when your child needs to practice his or her multiplication tables.
  7. Discovery Channel {Free} – There’s great stuff to learn on this app. My daughter especially likes the videos!
  8. World Book – This Day in History {$0.99} – A great way to start the day; can really start some great conversations.
  9. World Atlas by National Geographic {$1.99} – I love having actual maps that you can hold and look at, but this thing has tons of different maps.
  10. 100 Words Almost Everyone Mispronounces {$2.99} – Possibly not very useful on a day-to-day basis, but it’s great to learn these!
There are tons more, you could literally spend quite a bit of time thumbing through the educational apps. You never know, you might find something really worthwhile!

Tiffany Manley is a super wife and homeschool mom, entering her third year of homeschooling her eight year old daughter. Her blog, Sweet Phenomena, details what it’s like to be a born-of-necessity homeschooler and includes lots of sweet resources, links, curriculum information, ideas, and all-around awesomeness. Tiffany also conducts product reviews and giveaways. She likes food, the color pink, cakes and cupcakes, and using the words “sweet” and “awesome” quite a bit.

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