Wanna make ice cream? All you need are bananas.

Did you ever have a late night hankerin’ for some creamy soft serve, but alas, you don’t own a soft serve machine? I hate when that happens. So I found a way to make ice cream with just one ingredient.


Delicious, healthy bananas. This recipe is stellar, in that it’s health smart, it’s totally vegan (duh, it’s just ‘nanas!), and gluten free. Let the banana ice cream nirvana begin.

Slice up a banana. You’ll need to slice one banana per person eating the ice cream. Pictured is one sliced banana. Arrange them in one layer (with a little bit of overlap if you have to) on a plate.

Now put it in the freezer. I put mine in for about 1 hour, because I wanted soft serve consistency (almost milkshake-y. My banana milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.) Obvs, the longer you freeze them, the more …fluffy? they’ll be. Ice cream can be fluffy, right?

Once the slices are frozen, whip out your blender and toss ’em in.

Blend those babies up. You’ll probably need to scrape the sides of your blender a few times. Don’t give up. You might be blending and wondering what the heck is going on, but suddlenly, you’ll see banana ice cream appear in the blender. It’s banana magic.

See? Soft serve-y goodness.

Wanna take it to the next level?

Ohh yes. Chocolate covered banana? I’m thinkin’ heck yeah!

Pardon my dirty table. I was too excited to eat my banana ice cream to wipe it down for you guys. You’ll understand once you make your own.

So get on the boat. The Banana Boat. And make yourself some low cal frozen treats!



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