When Confetti Pretzels Explode on Stumble Upon

Well, that was fun!

The other day, I made a recipe post about how to make Confetti Pretzels. I made them on a whim, and decided to do a little tutorial for you fine folks. So yesterday the fam and I went into town to look at a couch for our new house, and on our way home, we get a voicemail from HostGator. Like any other obsessed blogger, I panic. What’s wrong with my site?! Did I get hacked?! Am I being inundated by bots?! I could only think the worst.

Mr. Freckleberry got on the phone with HostGator and I flipped open my laptop to assess the situation.

Wait. What?! 2,267 hits?! In a few hours?!

It’s amazing what StumbleUpon can do! The Confetti Pretzels done exploded and went viral. I’ve never been so happy to break my blog! So for those of you doubting the power of StumbleUpon, let this be your proof. The stats don’t lie! (I took this before I went to bed last night. The stats continued to climb throughout the night.)

Love me some exploding confetti pretzels.



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