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Wubeez are little blankets, pillows, and rattles that babies and kids will love. They are made with satin, chenille, or fleece along with adorable little ribbons that babies love to play with. wubeez are affordable and great as gifts or for your own little ones.
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What is a Wubeez, you might ask? It’s only the worlds snuggliest blanket, that’s what! That’s my nephew, Nico, in the picture, and he loves his chocolate and sky blue Wubeez.

These are not just little blankets. They are double sided in fabrics that are highly tactile, with little ribbon tabs around all four sides that are great for little teethers. Nico loves the texture of the nubs on the chocolate colored side, and he likes to chew on the satin side, and on the ribbons. These blankets are about twelve inches square, and are very soft and durable. The seams are all internal, so they won’t come loose even with continuous use. Perfect!
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My favorite thing about this blankie is how soft the brown side is! Seriously, I want one of these things for myself! I highly recommend Wubeez to anyong with a young baby or child ~ they’ll love it!

Incidentally, these blankets would also be excellent for pets, as long as they are not super destructive with their toys. My dog, Butters, wants this thing so bad!!


These adorable blankets are made by Mary, at Mary’s Wubeez. You can buy your own Wubeez by contacting her on her BigCartel webpage: http://wubeez.bigcartel.com/


Mary is offering one lucky Freckleberry Finds reader their choice of Wubeez blanket! Here are the choices…

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The winner will get to choose their favorite of these five Wubeez for their very own. Isn’t that great?! The rules are simple, as always: Place your entries via the Rafflecopter widget – the comments section is for blog lovin’ only, so only entries submitted via the widget will count.


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