Advertising Blitz! Win a Supreme Ad Package ($50 Value!) + SALE!

Dudes. I’ve got some good news. So you’re a blogger or a business owner, right? And you want to get the word out about your goods, right? Totally. We all do! So how do you do it? Advertise, duh!

And, my dearies, I am pleased to let you know that I offer advertising to fit pretty much any budget. What do I offer, you wonder? I’m glad you asked!

Advertising Packages

Supreme Package includes:
Sidebar button for 3 months
10 tweets w/link OR 5 Facebook statuses w/link
One sponsored post
Cost: $50

Premium Pacakage Includes:
One month sidebar button ad
One sponsored post
Cost: $25

Social Media Blast Package Includes:
10 Tweets
5 Facebook posts
Cost $18

Event Blast Package includes:
One contest or sale spotlight post
10 Tweets
5 Facebook posts
Cost: $20
add an event button on my sidebar for $6 extra to run the duration of the event

A la carte:

Sidebar Button Ads
Ad is placed on my left hand sidebar under the heading “Check These Out!”. Ad should be 125×125 pixels in size.
Cost: $20 for one month. $40 for 3 months. $100 for 6 months. $200 for one year + one month.

Text Links
Text link ads are placed directly underneath the button ads in my left hand sidebar (“Check These Out!”)
Cost: $10for one month. $15 for 3 months. $25 for 6 months.

Giveaways are FREE if an item is provided for my review. Giveaways run for two weeks, and are promoted on Twitter, Facebook, various giveaway sites and linkies.
Cost: $20

Facebook Giveaways
Rack up your Facebook fan numbers! Do you have a giveaway that you’d love to offer via Facebook? Freckleberry Finds uses Rafflecopter to provide giveaways that follow Facebook Promotion rules and guidelines. Entrants will be required to like your Facebook page and mine in order to enter. Great marketing tool!
Cost: Free

Twitter Party Hosting
Create a large amount of buzz for your brand or product! Twitter parties are an amazing way to generate interest in a new product, and to get people mentioning your product on one of the largest social media networks. I take care of advertising, moderating discussion, generating questions, answering inquiries, picking prize winners, and connecting the brand to the winners.
Cost: $100/hour if co-hosting, $500/hour if hosting alone

Sponsored Spotlight (Sponsored Post)
Not looking to give anything away? A Sponsored Spotlight post is right up your alley! This post will showcase your website or company with as many links as you’d like! It will appear on both my Facebook and Twitter pages as well.
Cost: $35

Contest or Sale Spotlight
This is a concise post letting my readers know about a sale, promotion, contest or giveaway that you are running on your site. It will appear on both my Facebook and Twitter pages.
Cost: $5

Press Releases
I will create a post to share your press release with my readers.
Cost: $3

Facebook Post
Share your sale or contest on my Facebook page or simply have me ask my readers to “like” your page.
Cost: $2/post

Sponsored Spotlight Tweets
I will share your giveaway, contest, sale or anything you’d like promoted to my Twitter followers.
Cost: $1/tweet, minimum 5 tweets

Ready to purchase or need more information? Drop me a line! Also, for the month of October, I am running a sale on my 125×125 sidebar ads! Get 20% off any 125×125 purchase! Just order before October 31 to get your discount. 

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ORRRRRR you could WIN a Supreme Ad Package right here and now! I’ve never ever EVER given away a Supreme package, so this is a special occasion. I might just order a DQ ice cream cake to celebrate. So basically, this is a rare event, so you should enter, compadre.

Now go visit the other blogs participating in the Blitz!


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