How To Green Your Halloween!

by Megan Lehmann

And here it is already October! Jumping in piles of colored leaves, pie, hot apple cider, pie, crisp autumn air, and pie. And Halloween! Brings back memories of stuffing a California king-sized pillowcase with a treasure trove of candy, trading your loot with friends before calling it a night, and stealthily enjoying your sugar stockpile, sneaking chocolates before bed (in bed?) and hiding the good stuff from Dad for as long as humanly possible. Ahh, the good ol’ days.

Although… now that I’m the parent of a 2.5 year old who turns into the Tasmanian Devil after just one lollipop, I believe it is now appropriate to acknowledge (or perhaps insist) that the times, they are a-changin’.

Sure, sure, she can go trick or treating. I won’t deprive her of that. But she ain’t takin that candy anywhere until she is old enough to best me at the annual Feats of Strength.

Of course I’m still going to be a cool parent, mind you. I’m not about to become that lame old lady who gives out pennies (although my toddler would still happily put those in her mouth…). So how do you keep being awesome while limiting sugar intake — and without becoming that creepy neighbor in the after school special who may or may not be putting razor blades in apples?

That’s where Green Halloween comes in! In addition to having a bunch of cool eco-friendly and educational activities and craft ideas for kids and their parents during the Halloween season, it also has a fantastic list of parent-friendly, sugar-minimizing, kid-pleasing treat ideas.

Green Halloween has great Halloween treat tips that use taste bud-titillating fruit rolls and fruit strips from Stretch Island Fruit Co.. All you greenies out there will be happy to know that Stretch Island Fruit Co. is an eco-friendly company that works with kids and their schools to spread the word about a balanced diet and environmental sustainability via their “edible classrooms.”

These spooky bananas will get eyebrows a-raisin (hardy har har)! And in between our plantain pals, I spy with my little eye a rather cute little strawberry shrew with almond ears and a licorice-whip tail.

Avast ye! Phantasmal fruit mummies — these ghastly gourmet ghouls use Stretch Island’s FruitaBu Smooshed Fruit Rolls!

In addition to these great little numbers, Green Halloween has an entire page of suggestions for hosting your own Green Halloween party.

Green Halloween’s website also has a great list of ideas for treats to hand out on the big night – and they even include some delicious organic and eco-friendly items that definitively fall into the candy category, which will positively make you THE coolest house on the block — for both the neighborhood kids and their parents.


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    I was ‘surfing’ and somehow came up on you (don’t ask me how) but I’m really glad I did. I love the idea of Green Halloween! I always make my daughters costumes out of whatever materials I can find, this year I’m using paper mache’. Thanks for introducing me to something new! I’ll be back for sure…

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