Pinterest: Crack For Crafters

GUHHH. I have a new time sucker.

Yes, I might be a little late to the game, but I’m only tardy for the party because I KNEW. I just KNEW that I would be sucked into the Pinterest vortex and there would be no hope for any kind of time management rescue efforts.

This is me, waving my white surrender flag. It’s a no-sew, repurposed white flag, don’tchaknow. Found it on Pinterest.

You can follow me on Pinterest here. Be aware that in real life, I have a bit of a potty mouth, so if you’re offended by the occasional F word, then, well, close your eyes? It’s not like, Maury Povich or Jerry Springer bad. Just Mommy-needs-an-outlet kind of bad.

Here’s some of my favorite pins so far:

Are you kidding me? Flippin’ adorbs.

Truer words have never been stitched.

Light fixtures made from twine, glue, and a ball. Dude, even *I* can make this.

Now will I ever follow through with my pins? I don’t know, I might not have enough time to spare after I’m done pinning the entire internets to my boards.


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    I”m a little slow getting on Pinterest too..but for the SAME reason! lol. I KNOW if I let myself go; I will go NUTS over it. But it really is a brilliant idea! I’ll definitely have to check out and follow your boards..and yes..Crack for Crafters is the BEST analogy I’ve hear yet to describe Pinterest. lol.

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