PlasmaCar Review & Giveaway

I admit it. My kids have Powerwheels. They love them, and it’s really fun to watch them zip around the yard. But let’s be honest. I want them to be more active, and sitting in a motorized vehicle doesn’t exactly achieve the energy burn-off that I’m hoping to achieve. Because I’m a great mom who wants her kids to have a blast outside, but I also want them to nap. Pushing an accelerator does not get them to nap.

When I was a kid, our church had open gym times, and they had these awesome ride on toys that moved when the rider made a back and forth motion. They were so fun! I set out looking for something like that for my kids, and I found just the thing. PlasmaCar!

When the PlasmaCar arrived, my husband got to work assembling it while I put groceries away. By the time I rounded the corner into the living room, he was done. Easy as pie! Check out how cool the PlasmaCar looks:

Uh, yeah. My kids were instantly in love. They call it their “scooter”, and they have a BLAST riding on it!

Basically how it works is you just move the steering handles back and forth, and the motion propels you forward. It’s pretty stinkin’ awesome.

There’s tons of colors, too, so you can get one that’s just right for your rider. The PlasmaCar retails for various prices online, but Amazon has it for $55.

Want to win one of your very own? Your kids will love you, promise.


  1. Hmm… blue or red???

    Ahhh… blue, i guess!

  2. Teresa L Shively says:

    I choose Blue :) My daughters favorite color

  3. Definitely red!

  4. Love the red color!

  5. Monique Bon says:

    The yellow one is my favorite (:

  6. I love the red car! The girls and the boy would love it!

  7. My favorite color of Plasma Cars is pink.

  8. Love the blue car!

  9. ReggieMann says:

    My favorite is Purple!! :D

  10. I’d like to have the red one for my kids.

  11. melissa portillo says:

    my kids would love the yellow!

  12. The green one.


  13. Chelsea O'Larey says:

    yellow is amazing!!

  14. Keely Purvis says:

    The blue one!

  15. the yellow and black one

  16. Megan McGowan Parsons says:

    I would chose the blue!

  17. i like the red!

  18. stephanie miller says:

    i would love to win the red one!!

  19. melissa norton says:

    wow i think i would chose the purple or yellow.

  20. Mechele Johnson says:

    I love the Red one!

  21. Sarah Kay says:

    The red is my favorite one!

  22. My son really likes the purple one. Such a cool idea.

  23. Sherry S. says:

    I love the purple one.

  24. Colleen Maurina says:

    I like the Red PlasmaCar because it is gender neutral.

  25. Jessica Compton says:

    I love the red one, but I know my son would want blue lol

  26. Tamara Sz says:

    I like the yellow!

  27. Carrie Phelps says:

    My favorite is the RED.

  28. I want the Red Plasma Car.

  29. I want the Yellow Plasma car

  30. Any color! It just looks like so much fun!

  31. I love the yellow one!

  32. ericka coello says:

    I like the color RED

  33. Bianca Roman says:

    My favorite is the yellow one :D

  34. I like the red

  35. EMMA L HORTON says:


  36. Julie Witt says:

    I love the purple one!

  37. Monique Rizzo says:

    I am a GFC follower.Thanks for the chance.

  38. GENEVA LOVE says:

    What a fascinating toy! The design is brillant and any child would love to have this, espeically mine!

  39. Her favorite color is red right now so I’d have to go with that one!

  40. I like the red

  41. I love the RED!!

  42. I’d definitely choose the red one for my little guy.

  43. swedenesefamily says:

    I would love the yellow one.

  44. I like the pink one :-)

  45. Courtney Roberts says:

    My son would LOVE the Blue or Purple I would Love pink I rode one once and its SOOOOO much fun hahah made me feel like a kid again hahaha Thanks for the Chance to win this awesome giveaway!!
    Good luck everyone!

  46. Mary Dailey says:

    I like the red one

  47. I like the purple one.

  48. My favorite is the pink one!

  49. The red one is my favorite.

  50. I love the red!!

  51. AMie falls says:

    Red for sure that way both kiddos will enjoy

  52. I would get the pink for my daughter! :)

  53. I’d love the Red!

  54. Amylynn H says:

    Blue is my favorite, followed closely by red! :)

  55. Shelly Peterson says:

    My son likes the blue one best but likes the yellow one too

  56. Evelyn Goettner says:

    I like the red one!

  57. Tiffany LaCourse says:

    I would love the red one

  58. I like the blue color.

  59. red!

  60. Missy Lynnh says:

    The red one is my favorite

  61. Marysa N. says:

    I have two girls.. I’d probably choose the pink!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  62. amy hollingsworth says:

    I would pick the red one.

  63. Nikole H. says:

    I like the Blue! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  64. I like the blue one. Rita

  65. I love the blue one!

  66. betty baez says:

    i love the blue one my son would love it!!!!

  67. I llike the red.

  68. My girls would love the black and pink one!

  69. I’d love the blue.

  70. Patricia Pinkston says:

    Blue or red. Either would work for a little boy.

  71. I like the yellow Plasmacar!

  72. We like the Blue best! :-)

  73. Deborah Rosen says:

    My favorite is red, but my grandson’s favorite color is purple, so I’d choose purple if I won.

  74. amy deeter says:

    red one

  75. Michelle Hagewood says:

    I would choose the pink PlasmaCar

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  76. I like the yellow one.

  77. I’d choose the red PlasmaCar.

  78. angie pruden says:

    i love the red!

  79. Debbie Fitcher says:

    The green or blue Plasmacar. I have twin grandchildren boy and a girl so I think that either color would be okay.

  80. Bonnye Sensenig says:

    The red one or the purple one!
    bonnyejean at gmail dot com

  81. Melanie L says:

    my daughter would LOVE This

  82. Pink!

  83. Laura Emerson says:

    My daughter would love the yellow!
    laura dot hopelessromantic dot emerson at gmail dot com