..And baby makes 20! What the heck, Duggars?!

So Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar paraded their crew of 19 kids on the Today show this morning and announced that they are expecting number 20.

I’ll let you soak that up for a minute. Twenty.

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Now, the number itself isn’t the shocking thing anymore. It’s the fact that her 19th child, Josie, was born three and a half months premature due to complications, and was faced with a slew of health complications that very well could have claimed her life, as well as Michelle’s. I get it, you want to let God choose how big your brood will be. Whatever. But at this point, the health of your children should be your priority, no?

How do you feel about the Duggar family and their views? Would you have another child if you were faced with serious complications in a previous pregnancy?


  1. says

    Wow! I am shocked. I understand “letting God control your family size” but if i were that fertile I think I might take matters into my own hand. I would be terrified to have another after what they just went through and knowing that pregnancy risks go up with age as well. If she is ready and able, then hats off to her; but I would not be wanting to be in her shoes right now.

  2. says

    I try to live and let live, not judge, whatever. But as a NICU nurse who takes care of these little micropremies for months and sees the torture they endure, this news makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork! It’s possible that Josie may need lots of therapy for the multitude of issues that very early premies often have (and which aren’t apparent in the early years), and I feel like the Duggars should worry about taking care of the 19 kids they already have.

    I don’t watch the show much but the last time it was on TV, the older kids had to call a paramedic because Josie appeared to be seizing while they were watching her (JimBob and Michelle were on a mission trip out of the country). I am trying not to bring my religious thoughts into the mix here, but God gave us brains.

  3. Kathryn S. says

    I think it’s amazing and a really good “track record” that out of ALL 19 of her babies, only one has had any serious complications. There are plenty of women who have one or more children who are born with serious complications and no one questions their decision to have more children. Obviously, the Duggars can take care of the children they have. From what I know of them, they aren’t in any debt, their children are polite and well-behaved, and all of their kids are pretty accomplished academically. They’re not mooching off of us or the government, so I don’t see why our opinion of their procreation really matters.

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    I find it interesting that we (society) feel like we know what is best for others. 20 kids is too many for me, but clearly it’s not for them. They support their kids and they are raising them so why do we care. Just because one baby was born premature doesn’t mean another one will be.
    My twins were born at 30 weeks, does that mean I’m not allowed to have anymore children?

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    I just heard the recent news that earth is now home to 7 billion people and that at the rate of exponential growth we observe now in the 21st century, we will most likely reach 12 billion by 2020. Already, our environment is showing the sobering signs of extreme overpopulation. For me, this information and the fact that Josie Duggar is struggling as a micro-premie and that given her mother’s age and history, the risks are higher than ever for this scenario to be repeated with more children, I don’t think I can be okay with this philosophy on family planning. Children are a blessing for sure, but this family has been blessed beyond measure. Literally. I feel they are now being pretty irresponsible from a global perspective as well as an individual one.

  6. says

    I agree with Twingle Mummy. We have 2 children and would like 2 more, my family always say that 2 is enough but it is not there choice.
    Don’t think i could manage 20 but good luck to them, hopefully they won’t have to go through what they did with Josie this time.x

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