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Admittedly, I spend too much time plugged in. Whether its blogging, answering emails, or just Facebooking, a lot of my day is spent with a laptop open or iPad nearby. I do my best to make mornings my work time, and reserve afternoons for trips to the park, grocery store, or just play time with the kids. But sometimes that’s hard to do!

Hallmark knows that it’s tough. They’ve launched a campaign entitled “Life is a Special Occasion” that encourages you to enjoy each moment, every day, not just on the designated holidays. As a part of the Life is a Special Occasion campaign, BlogOut encourages bloggers to unplug for a day, or even just an afternoon, and reconnect with your kids, your pet, your life in general.

There’s two great products that you can check out to help you unplug and enjoy each moment. For young readers, use a Hallmark Interactive Story Buddy and Story Book to encourage clear pronunciation. When a child clearly reads key phrases from the book, the Story Buddy responds! Or, if work keeps you from being home after school or an evening activity causes you to miss bedtime, Hallmark can help.Hallmark Recordable Storybooks allow you to record your voice, and your little ones can read along with you even if you’re far away.  Or, you and your child can record the storybook together. It’s a great to help encourage your little one to practice reading aloud!

Hallmark sent me one of their Recordable Storybooks to help us with our BlogOut day. It was so much fun! Emma recorded the book with my help (I read, she repeated), and I’m hoping to have my mom who lives a few states away record it as well so Emma can have Meme read her a book each night. It’s so sweet to hear Emma’s little voice repeating after me! And if you haven’t seen this tearjerker of a commercial, you need to:

Hello, tears, nice to see you! So sweet.

On our BlogOut day, we read our new Storybook, then hit the park. We just hung out, played, sang, layed in the grass, and just had a great time. The BlogOut really encouraged me to truly take a day off each week where I don’t blog, period. It has done wonders for my own stress level, and I know my kids appreciate it. Sure, I still check in every few hours … baby steps! ;).

Hallmark has graciously offered one lucky Freckleberry Finds reader a Recordable Storybook to help you unplug! Enter to win on the Rafflecopter widget below.


  1. Diane Melendez says

    Looks like my last comment was jumped from the other giveaway. LOL

    If I were fortunate enough to win the Hallmark book it would go to my tiny little cousin Charlie Blair whom I have yet to meet in person. I would love her to know I am thinking about her and what her old cousin sounds like. :)

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