Kitty A Go-Go Review and Giveaway

Have a cat? Listen up, dudes. I love my cats. I do. I do not¬†however, love open and …fragrant… litter boxes. There’s just something about walking past your litter box and seeing mounds of cat poo. Yuck tastic. Even worse? I’m not a fan of sifting and scraping kitty turds with that flimsy little scooper I got at the dollar store. And with two cats, we’ve got lots of turds.

Enter Kitty A Go-Go! This is seriously the cutest litter box I’ve ever seen in my life.

Okay, try your hardest to not go nuts over that crabby looking kitty (OMG LOVE grumpface cats), and peep that rad litter box. Now THAT is a litter box that I can put in my house and enjoy! The Kitty A Go-Go comes in a ton of designs, too!

I received the flower design (bottom row, center) and I love it! It’s so cute! The best part about Kitty A Go-Go? The litter tray slides out, and has a built in sifter rake! The sifter rake is metal, and it eliminates the yucky scraping part of emptying a litter box! Just drag the sifter rake and toss out the clumps! If there’s pieces that the sifter rake can’t get, Kitty A Go-Go comes with a heavy duty hand scoop, too! To top it off, the Kitty A G0-Go comes with a disposable tray liner to keep the actual Kitty A Go-Go tray clean.

My cats easily transitioned from a traditional open air litter box to the Kitty A Go-Go. I like to think the flowers invited them in ;). You can buy a Kitty A Go-Go for about $95 by getting in touch with them on their website, or at a few different online retailers (like this one or this one)

One lucky Freckleberry Finds reader will win a Kitty a Go-Go! Enter on the Rafflecopter form below.


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