Litter Robot Review and Giveaway – $359 Value!

Happy Black Friday, Freckleberries! I feel like I need a big drum roll effect for this entire post. It is the most expensive item I’ve ever given away at a whopping $359 value.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my favorite robot in all the land…the Litter Robot!

Okay, so if you have cats, you need to start getting your giveaway entering fingers ready now, because this bad boy will change your LIFE. I can’t even tell you how much I love my Litter Robot. Well, I can. Let me try. I’ll start off by keeping it simple: I love it A LOT. Here’s why:

With the Litter Robot, your feline friend can hop into the globe with the assistance of both a step AND a globe lip extender. Once your kitty takes care of business, the Litter Robot will wait for seven minutes in order for the waste to clump. Then, the magic happens. The globe ROTATES, and by the magic of the Litter Robot, the cat waste ends up nicely dumped into a bag filled drawer that easily slides out for disposal. It separates the clean litter from the dirty, and does it all quietly and efficiently. My hands never EVER touch poop, and it’s virtually smell free.

Pictured above is the Litter Robot II Bubble Unit, which is upgraded with a little skylight so that kitty doesn’t have to go in the dark. This might seem superficial and silly, but it not only makes it more inviting for cats to hop in, but it extends the size of your globe, too! This makes it perfect for larger cats. See those squares on the right hand side of the image? That’s where the poop comes out once the globe is in rotation. Here, watch this video to see how it works. It’s seriously genius.

It is far and away the best automatic litter box that I’ve ever owned. I had a different rake-style one years back, and it never really got all of the litter clean, and it required special waste trays. The Litter Robot comes pre-loaded with a batch of disposal bags, and it looks like I’ll be able to use regular garbage bags once I run out of the provided Litter Robot bags. This is BIG in my book!

Your Litter Robot comes shipped to you ready to use. I’m talking liners in the drawer, all parts assembled, just plug and play (and add litter, of course). I will say this: it is BIG. It’s not discrete, for sure, but it’s not necessarily ugly either. It comes in three different colors, so you can do your best to camouflage it. We keep ours in the basement, and it’s a-okay. The only thing you might need to be careful for is making sure the globe doesn’t get moved or knocked off of its track. The cats jumping in and out don’t have enough strength to do it, but my kids do! Totally not the fault of the Litter Robot, just my nosy kids who literally RUN to the basement when they know the Litter Robot is about to rotate. Yes, we watch cat poop spin. It’s an exciting life.

Overall, I give the Litter Robot 5/5 stars. If I could give it more, I would. It is beyond convenient. It’s revolutionary in the pet care arena! You can buy one from the Litter Robot website. The Litter Robot starts as low as $279.99 for a reconditioned model (no bubble window).

Are you ready for this? I am giving away a Litter Robot II Bubble Unit! That’s a $359 value! Ready to enter? Submit your entries via the Rafflecopter widget below. Be sure to fill out all fields necessary, and good luck!


  1. Brandy Lewis says

    Cat, when she was found people kept trying to come up with names and the only on that stuck was cat, so she thinks her name is cat or here kitty kitty. :)

  2. Inez Cegelis says

    omigoshomigoshomigosh! First, congrats on breaking your giveaway threshold! Such a great product too. My cat’s name is “Little Man” and I think he would be so grateful for a robo litter like this.

    One of the major reasons why, is we recently added a chihuahua puppy (“Miley PP”) to our family and she has developed this habit of checking Little MAn’s box for snacks when noone is looking! I have been tearing my hair out thinking of a way (short of a baby gate) to keep her out of the litter and until 10 minutes ago, I HAD NO IDEA! So even if I am not lucky on this giveaway, I am so thankful that you gave me a solution to this.

  3. Heather Avery says

    My cats are Earl, CatAlaina, Darnelle, Pokey, Bumpy and Lumpy :D

    CatAlaina used to be Catalina (named from the characters from the tv show “My Name is Earl”) but my niece’s name is Alaina and her older brothers thought I was calling my cat Cat-Alaina so I just changed it to that!

  4. Tracey Pullum says

    My kitties are Sophie and Tweety, both rescues, and we are crazy about them! I like the Gray Litter robot II.

  5. Holly C says

    I’m friends with ‘the cat lady’ and she AND her ‘babies’ REALLY need this! So here’s hoping to win it for Rosie and company!

  6. jenn says

    I so want this for mew mew. My daughter says his name is tigger but iv always called all our cats mew mew

  7. Niecey Docherty says

    Stormy, Mac, Mittens and cheesecake. Yes, we have 4 cats. I’ve been desperate for a litter robot forever!!!

  8. Keri Ritenour says

    I have 4 indoor cats. Sheba is 9 years old and is a diluted Tortie. Shasta is 9 years old and is a Tortie. Nyah is 4 years old and is a Bengal. And our latest addition is Cezar. He is a Maine Coon and is 8 months old.

  9. Jackie Craig says

    My cat’s name is Elvis, a long haired domestic from born on a farm in KY – he likes the black robot I think hehehehe

  10. Angela Willis says

    We had a cat, named Meowser for 14 years. He passed away three years ago and now its time to honor his memory with a new kitten for Christmas! Can’t wait to meet it, and give him/her such a clever name as your cats!


  11. Stefanie Elysse Hurtado says

    We have 4 cats (all rescues): JoJo, Rikki, Whitey, and Waffles. Also a neighborhood cat that sort of adopted us named Cap. I love them with all my heart!

  12. Tracy voit says

    I have 4 cats. Loudmouth, Ebony, CC, and Shitface of course the kids cant call him that so they call him black foot. This would be awesome to win.

  13. ellen says

    I do small cat rescue- but my ‘keepers’ (ones who cant be adopted) are named Ozzy, Spyder, Triple, Minnie and Keesta :) The feral colony is all named too but thats a huge list!

  14. says

    my cat’s name is silver..I rescued him and the cat he hung out with at the rescue was tonto…my cat is white…with orange highlights…but silver stuck…and he thinks he is a dog..LOL..and he definitely needs the litter robot in his life :0)

  15. Debra Hall says


  16. Michelle Fosnaugh says

    I have a HUGE all white cat named Kevin

    I have an all black cat named Baby Luvs A Lot

    I just got a new kitty two weeks ago she is gray. Her name is Wheeza

    Oh how I love to name animals LMAO!

  17. says

    Nella and Gert NEED one of these. We’ve tried two other types of automatic litterboxes, and neither worked very well. Since I’m planning to have kids soon, I really need to get one of these.

  18. Christie R says

    My cat’s name is Kitty–not very original I know, but I could not decide on her name for the longest time and Kitty just stuck :)
    januarywins at hotmail dot com

  19. spirit_kim says

    Actually my dear departed Gabriel would have loved this. I am hoping to win for a new member of the family to come.


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